Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time is a-flyin' !!

I've totally been meaning to update but I swear it seems like I just updated. When actually it was two weeks ago. Where is the time going ! Oh I know ! Whenever you need it to just chill for a second, it goes SO fast. Cool. Cool, time. I hate you.

So good news, we're pretty sure we'll be able to get into the house, or at least have a house available by the end of the month. So only a few more weeks. I was almost happy paying rent cause I hate our manager/land lady and can't wait to tell her to bite me. But good things. The house is absolutely adorable ! It's right in the best neighborhood right by family. It's got so much space and all the lovely things I want and need to help me live a happy life. I'm excited. I think we're just waiting for things to process and get approved and all that. Fifth times a charm, right? I need to nest. I need to get unpacked to ease my nerves. I think we'll be fine for the baby to come and all that, but right now, we have no room, no big things because we have no room. So I get stressed, but at the same time, I'm not stressed because we're not staying. So it's this weird cycle of pulling-my-hair-out-screaming-stressed to perfectly calm and at ease since we have so much time. (Um... 9 weeks. Not much time. HELLO pulling my hair out!)

I have an ultrasound tomorrow. I'm pretty excited because it's been a while... about 3 months. Lame. I wanna see my baby ! But, I'm getting one cause I'm measuring bigger than I am weeks along. Lame, again. I'm pretty sure it's just the box(es...) of girl scout cookies, nutty butter bars, etc etc I'm eating that's caused the bigger measurements. I don't think it's the baby measuring big, since he's been tiny or right on schedule. Pretty sure I'm fat. Don't judge. But, whatever. We get to see the baby tomorrow and he gets measured and we'll know everythings ok. Chris panicked a little and thinks something is wrong. I told him, unless the doctor starts to get nervous and freak out, I'm fine. And I'm guessing I passed the glucose test. The drink wasn't horrible. I'd probably love it if I like orange soda. I almost had to redo it since they didn't take my blood at 1hr exactly. My doc was like eh... 1 hour, 90 mins, big difference. Who cares. Gimme your blood, mwha-ha-ha. 

So yay baby stuff. Paula (my house lady/former coworker) gave us 4 bags of baby clothes. SO MUCH CLOTHES. But I had fun going through them and awe-ing over everything. SO MUCH CLOTHES. Pretty sure our kid that isn't even born, has more clothes than me. I might even venture to say me and Chris. Jealous. I'm excited though. It's such a huge help and since I had holes in our sizes of clothes where I got a ton of 0-3mos and like nothing at 9mos... I think I'm set now :] Blessings ! Now I just need a baby room to set everything else up, get the big stuff in, and just sit in the room crying and panicking and being excited all at the same moment. 

Oh and we don't have to switch our church ward (ward=congregation) since the house is in Barboursville. I was getting death threats when I mentioned a house in Chesapeake, cause we'd have to switch. Death threats= me not really wanting to stay anyways. Weirdos. Otherwise church is great. Same old. I'm looking forward to the "break" I get in organ playing, conducting, teaching etc because I just did my time and with the baby coming, who knows when I'll be back. Mwhahaha. Jk. I'll hate not being at church. I'll be there quite possibly the next Sunday. Just no touchy the lil baby.

Work is fun. I want to kill one of the students. Not really. But I'm already stressed and then he breathes and I want to hurt him. Poor kid. Luckily I'm not sure he realizes it. Maybe he does. IDC. Everyone's gearing up for vacations (Brent's going to Utah, and NOT taking me. LAME-O) and then everyone else is going to Boston for the Biology conference... I wanna go. Dang third trimester and due date and no flying. And no real reason for me to go. And then we have another mouse study.. UGH. Not excited.

Um... that's all I got. Chris' aunt found out she's having a boy. Aw... us too ! They're naming him Marshall which Chris loves and is super jealous. He's like, "we're having ours first right? we can just name ours Marshall first..." Silly kid. So many babies !

Ok. Survey.  

How far along? 31 weeks. Ah. Crazy. 
Total weight gain: Last appt was... 11 lbs... find out tomorrow ! Big baby !
Maternity clothes? ... what about them ! 
Stretch marks? Not that I can see, but.. I can't see much these days. 
Sleep: I hate sleep. Between peeing all the time, Chris snoring (hello ear plugs !) and not being comfortable... I almost like being awake.     
Best moment this week: Baby clothes ! And all the belly rubs from no creepy people. I haven't had creepers, knock on wood. 
Miss Anything? Breathing, bending, pretty sure I'd never had heartburn before now. 
Movement: He's going to be a soccer player. Kick, jab, ya, high-ya !
Food cravings: Seafood. And strawberries. <--- pretty much the same. Totally buying strawberries tomorrow. 2 for $5, wud up! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Today was nasty burping up pita pit. ::shiver:: yuck  
Labor Signs: Nope. 
Symptoms: Heartburn. Lack of brain. ie. yelling at Chris for leaving a light on that i apparently had just turned on... uh no I didnt honey !       
Belly Button in or out? Still in. COME OUT LITTLE BELLY BUTTON!  
Wedding rings on or off? off. :/ 
Happy or Moody most of the time: I have my moments of snappyness. I think I need sleep. 
Looking forward to: Seeing my beautiful baby boy tomorrow !

Here, enjoy some pics. 

30 weeks. Aw cute. 

31 weeks ! Ahhh belly ! There's two, and not much difference. Shut your face. I looked cute. Even tho my expressions always look fake happy. I promise I really am happy !

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