Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monster BEH-BEH

I don't post anything for two weeks and then I go and post two days in a row ! What's up with that? Oh just some stuff I wanna get out there and super cute pics of my baby. My monster huge behbeh.

So I had my forever long appt this morning. I really shouldn't complain because half of it was the ultrasound. The wait was just long before and between and that's why I always have 830am Thursday appts and not Wednesday 930am appts. So I love our ultrasound tech. She's super cute and she says we're cute and she wishes all her patients were like us. Oh yeaaaah. And she measured and measured little Logan all over the place. His head, his back, his belly, his super huge femur that's rock solid from all the calcium Tums I eat. I grow good baby bones. She does some fancy computer magic and tell us Logan is 2 weeks ahead of schedule. COOL. Cool little fat baby. I love fat babies. They're so rolly polly and pudgey with their little cheeks. But i'm wondering if I should exchange some super cute newborn outfits.. and start stocking up on size 1 diapers and skip the newborn sizes... Lame. Well, I guess it could be worse and he could be super tiny and somethings wrong. At least in this case fat = healthy. Fat behbeh !

And he's got the cutest little chubby cheeks. Already ! Goodness. He's supposed to be packing on the weight now.. not all in 2 weeks. He's 4lbs 2oz. Um... What else. We're not concerned (well Chris is) that he'll end up coming two weeks earlier than the original due date. I think... we'll just have to see. I'm only 30 weeks and some days. so... really? He could have just had some random huge fat growth spurt this last month and then this next month... barely nothin'. So I vote until we're after 35 weeks and the doctor starts talking about early induction or whatever, then I'll start panicking. Especially since there is SO MUCH we still have to do. And I might have just lost 2 weeks !?! Breathe.. don't think that way. Let Chris think that way. Other than that, I passed my glucose test (could you imagine if I'm already growing this HUGE baby and then fail that and how much bigger he could have been ! OH-MEH-GAH!) As long as I can deliver. That's what I keep saying. I know, I know... "be flexible" blah-dee-blah. Obviously if my huge hips can't accommodate this babies huge head then... what can I do? So passed everything. Time for my Rh shot. Woot. And... Yeah. Uploading the super cute baby pictures.

 Baby face ^^^
 3D.. say what? LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!
 He wouldn't move his hands, dang baby. So dang cute!

So, I had NO idea we would be getting the 3D (why does everyone say 4D...? What's the difference... Confused!) And apparently its a flip switch on the computer and she uses a different probe thing. Bam. Cute squishy baby face. We have videos too. I can only tell what like 3 are. So... Sorry. They're just like ultrasound stuff. Not worth it. Enjoy the super adorable pictures of my baby ! Big Baby!

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