Thursday, March 21, 2013

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For some reason I go back and re read my blog posts (mostly cause I can't even remember when I updated, what I updated, and hate repeating myself. who wants to read my blog let alone my blog on repeat?) and I crack myself up ! I sit and laugh at all my little jokes, and how I write stuff exactly like I would say it (or in my head how I say it) and I just sit and laugh. You think I write this blog for you... but really? I bet you don't have as much fun as me !

So yay two weeks without an update. Mostly cause there isn't anything to update except that I've been dying. I know, waaaaah. Shut up. I read a blog post about third trimester colds and just be prepared and I swear, self fulfilling prophecy cause guess what I've had for about a 1 1/2 week +.... THE WORST COLD EVER ! Can't breathe, can't swallow, can't talk (not that you hear anyone complaining) can't taste anything. Just exhausted and can't take my heaven sent NyQuil (EVIL don't drug your baby nonsense!). I swear one night I was sitting in the bathroom trying not to cry as I woke up for the 75th time that night to breathe, cough, hack up my lung, whatever and stared at the bottle in my medicine cabinet... just one sip right? No one would know ! People do multiple bad things during pregnancy and their babies are fine. ONE SIP of NyQuil won't kill my kid.. right?! Hard pass... I miss you NyQuil. So before you think I have a mental breakdown about a cough medicine, I'm doing better. My voice sounds relatively normal. I can't breathe as long as I keep my box of tissues nearby. I sleep pretty normal. Still get up to pee but at least I'm not gasping for air. Scary. So no more blogs telling me what "probably" will happen cause apparently I have some Jedi mind over body tricks and make it happen. NO MORE I SAY !

 Went thru madness to get my stupid Rhogam shot. And I got a fancy face mask since I was carrying the plague and could take out the whole hospital.

"Mommy, what's wrong with that scary wide eye pregnant lady in the face mask?" 

And my million dollar smile doesn't help to comfort anyone cause you can't see it ! Anywho- shots. Love them. Don't care to get them, except when they take two days. Let's draw your blood to make sure. Uh... didn't you draw like 10000 vials of blood in my first trimester ? What was all that for! I need my blood ! I know they know I'm Rh neg. and there's a huge pink sticker at my Ob on my chart... So why not draw more blood and wait two hours. Lame. Go back to get my shot cause hello, I know I need it. And apparently my little lab card was expired, that I had just used, 2 hours ago... What? So I had to come back the next day so everything could reprocess cause I wasn't about to wait another hour. Just give me my shot ! It was fun to sit in the little Labor and Delivery room where I'll get checked when I think I'm actually in labor !! And that everyone knows my mother in law. And how excited I am for everything. Except how utterly afraid I am at the same time and how this next 7 weeks can go as sloooooow as it wants.

So any other news? Can't wait to buy our tickets to Utah. Keep talking dates and can't seem to settle on one. Any help? August would be best since older baby = better. I'll be more able and hopefully less insane. Work just isn't working with August. Or maybe it is. We might just have that month off while our boss is in India. Who knows?! And July just sounds SO HOT. I don't know. I'm not eager to spend a ton of money, but I am eager to plan the trip cause I love planning and I love Utah and my co-worker just went and I was so jealous and now he wants to live there and I do too. Not with him. But I totally agree with him.

AND THE HOUSE ! Ah, so we're still in our apartment... I ignore this major stressing factor in my life because it will be resolved, and it will all work out and its nothing anyone can speed up. It is what it is. And what it is, is stressful! Anyways. So, our pile of baby stuff keeps getting bigger, and our empty spaces get smaller and smaller. And I need to plan, and prepare, and nest and unpack and settle and, and and AHHH. Well good news (here I go jinxing it) all is still on schedule to be closed by the end of the month (in case you're semi out of it like me, the end of the month is uh... next week. where did march go?) YOU MEAN I CAN MOVE! AHHHHH... Can't even begin to tell you how excited. No idea about anything cause I stopped mentally planning since houses kept disappearing and stuff wasn't working out, and the planning disappointment cycle was starting to take its toll. But now... oh the sweet peace of this moment. So maybe keys next week. Maybe packing. Maybe turning in our notice to the evil manager lady that is Pam. So the joy. Can't wait. Can't can't wait to finally be as ready as I can possibly feel to have this cute little chunk of a baby. Especially if my 7 1/2 weeks left of pregnancy turns into 5, or 4... or who knows !

How far along? 33 weeks. When did it get so far
Total weight gain: Um... 14ish? or something? I forget... 
Maternity clothes? Favorites.
Stretch marks? Not on my belly. Thank you baby oil ! 
Sleep: Is fine when I'm not sick and dying.     
Best moment this week: Getting dressed up in my fancy red stretchy dress. 
Miss Anything? Not being sick. 
Movement: ALL THE TIME. Like morbid alien busting out of me movements.
Food cravings: Seafood. Finally some decent "in season" fruit. Can't wait ! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope... knock on wood !  
Labor Signs: Nope. Maybe some BH contractions, but I have no idea...
Symptoms: Heartburn. All the time. Oh and... kroger brand tums are NOT as good as real tums. fyi.
Belly Button in or out? Still in. COME OUT LITTLE BELLY BUTTON!  
Wedding rings on or off? off. unless i only wear one, then on :] I alternate 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Just sick mood. Tired mood. But still loving life 
Looking forward to: Finding out about the HOUSE !! AHHH

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