Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Belly, belly, & more belly

It feels like my belly is stretching, all the time. But... it doesn't look any bigger from my angle. And then Chris has been calling me huge since... forever ago. So he's not a reliable source. Little Logan is ~3lbs, holy cow. And most of the evil jabs I feel are knees and elbows. Getting a little cramped there kid? Sorry ! And he has one favorite spot right under my ribs on my right side. Constant evil little jabs of love. I was watching my belly dance all over the place the other night. It's fun. I'm a control freak so it's weird I'm so in love with this out of control feeling. I am hitting some exhaustion reminiscent of the 1st trimester. Lame. Everyday when I get home from work I just want to nap, and usually do. Hopefully that's all that comes back. Hello cankles. Gross. I hope my feet stay tiny. I don't want to get bigger feet ! I have my glucose screening tomorrow. Not excited. I've had the little drink in my fridge since last appt a month ago. That way I can drink it at home and get to my appt ready to go instead of having to sit there for an hour. But I'm not excited. Everyone says it tastes like flat orange soda. I HATE ORANGE SODA. Let alone anything flat. Yuck. I am super afraid I'll fail and have to do the 3hr test, or have gestational diabetes. Not sure what factors push that, but if anything I've been eating lately is an indication I'll have it or a huge baby. Hello valentines candy. And just normal candy. And soda. And anything else with sugar in it. We'll see ! Fingers crossed.

Work. Is. Work. I wish we had updates. But... I guess I don't hate it so that's good :]

Remember I said I didn't want to say anything about houses. We're on to house 5, or 6, or 7. I forget. No worries. Right? No stress? It will all work out. RIGHT?!?!

Valentine's Day was fun. I made Chris a rootbeer/swiss roll cake. Thank you pinterest. I had NO clue what to give him. Basically he has everything. And he got me a chocolate bouquet cause what pregnant lady wants real flowers vs chocolate ones. Oh yeah ! He knows me so well. And he was all dressed up when I got home, and had our song playing in the living room and we danced for a second and he said go get dressed and let's get some food. We were going to go to Longhorn (cause it's the best food ever, duh) but we ended up looking at a carseat/base/stroller combo and wanted to buy it. And Nick and Patti were going to Outback and we never get to do anything with them and we wanted to. So we turned around, saw a car on fire. Random! And so yummy dinner. No lobster. Stupid 86 lobster. I hate you. And I got my stroller, and car seat and base. And its cute, and easy and fits together. And I'm happy. Now we just need a diaper bag, and we're set as far as survival. Even though we need a bunch of stuff.  No biggie. No stress. We're ok. Right..?

And... we went to the Temple. I love it. I'm pretty sure I saw a girl from one of my NJ wards. It took me FOREVER to remember where I knew her and then she had her married name on her nametag so that threw me off. And then when we were leaving I couldn't find her. Lame. But we had lunch with the Welch's and it was a blast. Tried to spend out Bed Bath and Beyond gift card, and didn't find anything. Thank you online shopping. Glad to spend the day with my hubby though. And our little family being in the Temple. There isn't a better place.

And... that's all I got for ya ! Getting closer to having a baby. Weird ! Can't believe how fast it's going. Someone said you're either thinking it won't be over soon enough or the complete opposite feeling like there just isn't enough time in the word to get everything ready. I'm the 2nd. I'm freaking out ! But it will be fine. We got this. Baby survey !

How far along? 29 weeks. One more and we'll be 3/4 of the way. Weird! 
Total weight gain: A ton. I can feel it. I'll die tomorrow if it's not like 20lbs.
Maternity clothes? Loving them 
Stretch marks? I don't see any... but I can't see half of my belly  
Sleep: Has been hit or miss. Waking up sick, pounding head ache, tossing. Yuck.    
Best moment this week: Watching the baby belly dance and getting the travel system !
Miss Anything? Breathing....
Movement: A ton. All the time.
Food cravings: Seafood. And strawberries. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: People talking about nasty stuff at work  
Labor Signs: Nope. I think a few BH contractions. No biggie. 
Symptoms: Heartburn. Yup.       
Belly Button in or out? Pretty sure it will stay in. Sad day.  
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: So happy as far as I know. I've had my days. 
Looking forward to: Moving. Getting the last little bit we need. Figure out stuff. And bed time in a few hours.

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