Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello Third Trimester !

So I've been a slacker. Oops. Sorry my avid readers :] So big life updates?

Not so much. I really can't think of what to update.

Work is work. It seems like someone is sick or dying every week. Still laid back. Still working. People call us liars, we prove them wrong. Take it jerk. And then we have annoying neuro-gods telling us we used fake kits, and then they're too expensive so we should do the testing for him... how does that make sense? Loser.

The baby is all over the place. It's random and stupid blogs say all this stuff about finding a pattern, and learning sleep patterns. NOPE. I get random kicks, or spread eagle moves all the time. But I love it. Even when I wake up 2x a night to pee now. UGH, and then feel little kicks forever and it keeps me up. I really do still love it. I love being pregnant. I see why people love it. I see why people miss it once they give birth. Minus the insane nausea I had towards the beginning-ish, it really has been an incredible experience. Sob sob, ok moving on.

We had our hospital birthing class this past weekend. HA HA HA HA. So I was really concerned cause you can't say butt around Chris without him giggling. I kept thinking, my husband is going to be "that guy" in the class, where every time the nurse says vagina, he snorts. But I kept this thought to myself and said I love him, no matter what, and if he's that guy, well he's mine, so everyone else in the class can suck it up. Well apparently, we had the class full of all "those guys." We'd watch a birthing video and you'd see ALL the business (gag) and all the girls are being mature and such and the nurse asks if there are any questions or comments and some guy in the back is like "gross". Cue all the dudes: snickering. So it was nice that everyone was so down to earth. That we can talk about how real and disgusting it all is. I'm sorry, but I think it really is a beautiful thing to create a life, and the whole process and how it all works and the human body is amazing. Developmental Bio (all about babies developing from conception to birth) was one of my all time favorite classes in college. However, seeing multiple live births in that class... not my cup of tea. And I wanted to be a doctor so stuff doesn't bother me. But there was just something... about it... I don't know. I'm not being all immature about it or whatever. But I don't mind seeing how it goes once. But I could never see that on a regular basis and think "oh its so beautiful!". "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But other than that, the class was good. The nurse worked with Angel forever, and actually helped Patti when she was having Zayne. She recognized Chris as a Perry as soon as we walked up. It was fun. I liked being told what all the options were and what could go, not wrong, but all the different scenarios. Obviously I have a game plan of how that day will go down and I'm sure my baby's like HAHA you're hilarious. And of course the tour was my favorite, not because I wanted to see everything. We've seen it all with Patti's and Sarah's births. I love stopping by the nursery :] It gets me super excited ! And then so thankful we still have 3 months lol AH, only 3 months !

Update on the house. I want to name this something. The Livingston House Saga or something dramatic. It's been so insane. So house #1 on East Pea Ridge didn't pass inspection. Townhouse #2 (or should I say condo, jerks) had stupid owner drama and fell thru. House #3 I didn't even write about cause... I seem to be jinxing things. It was a 4br 2 bath house in Chesapeake. Way more room than we needed but there was so much I loved about it. That ended up being in the wrong school district. So they put a bid on house #4 AH. I'm afraid to ask for updates. This one is in the perfect location. It seems teeny tiny... but, has a big yard? I haven't seen inside except for creeping thru the open blind slats, so... we shall see. Hopefully there won't be a #5 unless its big...ger. Or something. I don't know. So hopefully we get a house. Every time I see our manager lady at our apt I want to yell at her and can't wait to give our notice. And have somewhere to put the pile of baby stuff in our living room. My living room always smells good though. Like little babies. And I get to stare at all the fun stuff I got and then freak out at everything that is missing.

Let's see...  that's all my brain can think of saying now. So onto my baby update that I've been behind on since forever ago.

How far along? 28 weeks. THIRD TRIMESTER! 7 months ! AH ! 
Total weight gain: Um... 6ish lbs I think at last appt 3 weeks ago.
Maternity clothes? They're roomy and nice. Even my "big" tshirts aren't big. They're tight. Cool. 
Stretch marks? Not yet. I feel the stretching, and put lotion on my belly all the time  
Sleep: Sucks. Little things are waking me up and I have to pee at least 2x a night. And the stupid dumpster guy next street over. Die Die DIE.    
Best moment this week: Strangers asking about my baby :] No molesting yet, just questions
Miss Anything? Honestly... no. I'm loving things right now.
Movement: Lots and lots. Until I call Chris over to feel and then he stops all movement
Food cravings: The other night was reeses, baby carrots and pepsi. Yum.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at the moment.  
Labor Signs: Nope. Still waiting to see what Braxton Hicks feel like... ugh 
Symptoms: Heartburn, stretching belly. Pregnancy brain.        
Belly Button in or out? In. It's getting so tiny but not poking out yet 
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: So happy lately I love it ! 
Looking forward to: NOT my appt with the glucose screening. Ugh. I guess just more regular movements so Chris can feel him more. And our house/apt/condo/whatever lol

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