Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am totally in love with not going to work. I know. Shocker. I do truly love my job. But, I do love doing whatever I want, when I want. And also the complete opposite, doing nothing, never. My sleep schedule is all outta wack, but I was sick, still sorta am. So 2 weeks of dying, I let myself sleep in til... my body couldn't sleep anymore. That will be fun next week when I have to be up. Depressing !

So what have I been doing? Christmas kept us pretty busy. Got a ton of gift cards :] which is awesome, since we don't know what we want and now we can just have the money! I loved seeing family, especially my cousins since I pretty much only see them at this time of year. And I love seeing all the Perry's together. There's so many of us. I loved all my gifts. My amazing husband got me a fancy wedding band to replace the ones we got from my aunt and uncle. This one has lots of little diamonds and "matches" my engagement ring so much better. I'm sad we don't have matching bands but love how shiny my finger looks. And I wasn't expecting it. Usually I ruin my surprises or find out or something ! But this one, even when I got down to the little jewelry box, I still didn't expect a ring, but maybe a necklace, or earrings. It was such a fun present. Love it ! And Chris and his mom went in together and got me a nice sewing machine ! Woo ! I'm so excited to use it. I apparently have a long list of things that need fixed. And I can finally make all the clothes I have pinned in my "DIY Clothes" board. I love clothes. I love sewing. There's something so soothing about that sound. And it's mine. No more borrowing, or breaking, or figuring out. I need to find a learn your sewing machine class. This one has SO many stitches and needles and all this crazy stuff. Yay presents ! And Baby Peaches got his/her first present ! My grandma sent us a little floor mat gym thing. It's so cute. I'm so excited to find out what the baby is and see all the cute stuff we get and finally get to buy stuff since I've held off until we find out. Woo !

And I'm so excited for the shower next week. Invitations are out so in the next few days everyone will know if its a boy or a girl. And then one more week and we get to know !! Ah !! It's true that doing this right after the holidays made the time go so much quicker. One more week. I love my little baby. I love feeling her move around, and push against my tummy and all those fun little things. And seeing her on the ultrasound, hearing her beautiful heartbeat. But to finally know if we're having a little boy or girl will be so wonderful. To finally know ! Logan or Lizzie. Mickey or Minnie. Pink or Blue ! Ah ! I love it. I can't wait to know ! 7 more days !

 So now that I have no idea what else happened this last week since I'm so excited for next week, I'll move on to the baby survey!

How far along? 21 weeks 
Total weight gain: I've gained 2 since last appt, but still -1. I dont care anymore 
Maternity clothes? Yes maam ! Love all the comfy ones. Might have to graduate to bigger shirts since all my big tshirts are getting tight. Lame !
Stretch marks? No?
Sleep: I sleep for forever, but never feel like it when I wake up. And no position is comfy. Lame.
Best moment this week: Well last week someone who doesnt know me asked me a question regarding being pregnant ! Woo ! It's finally noticeable !
Miss Anything? Not being sick. Every other day about I throw up. I thought this was over.  
Movement: Lots. Nothing consistent. And I swear I felt a kick on the outside ! So close ! 
Food cravings: Fruits. Apparently anything out of season and a million dollars for crappy fruit. Next pregnancy is during the spring/summer when fruit is delicious ! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coughing makes me gag, cold to hot, it's lovely.   
Gender: This week I'll say boy, cause I'm too excited to use Logan :] 1 week !
Labor Signs: No way
Symptoms: Throwing up, pregnancy brain, tired, fat.    
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On. Still loose
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy? lol 
Looking forward to: THE SHOWER !! ahh !!

Oh and I did remember an awesome thing from this last week (pregnancy brain... sorry!) We all got to go to the Columbus Temple with Madison for her to receive her endowments. That's where someone asked me about being pregnant. I got to wear the comfiest skirt. It was stretchy. Loved it ! It was really nice being in the Temple with all the family and friends. It was lovely. I love being in the Temple ! Here's some links for those interested or if you have question ! (for temple info) and (for endownment info!)

Yay life !

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