Friday, December 21, 2012

Time flies !

Where the heck does the time go ! It's almost Christmas, and then it's New Years, and then hello, it's 2013. What the heck !! Why does time go faster the older you get instead of the other way around ? That would make so much more sense to me. When I rule everything, that's what I'll do...Noted.

Well, not much has been happening. Work has just been work. We have too many people and not enough to do, especially since it was getting towards break and everything slows down. I do still enjoy it tho! I say that like I'm waiting to one day hate it. Never gonna happen ! So work is work. I have off for 3ish weeks. Which is super nice and awesome. And another reason why I adore my job.

We had our baby appointment last week. Goodness, it seems so long ago. I love ultrasound appointments and being able to see our little one. And he/she is big enough to see all kinds of details. We counted all the fingers and toes :] That was awesome. Measured everything. Tech says baby peaches is looking good. So that's comforting. So far I haven't done anything wrong. We went through with our crazy idea of not finding out then. The tech was so good about it and joked with us and kept telling us to look away just in case. I'm glad. I was afraid we'd see something. And Chris has been such a good sport. He hates, HATES this idea, but he's been good about it. I said just give me this one baby and this one fun idea, and then he can do whatever he wants for the rest of them. But, I resisted the urge to peek in the envelope, and handed it off asap, and so far so good. Take that all you nay-sayers ! We've lasted a week without any mess ups. Chris keeps saying Angel is giving it away, but I'm just not paying attention enough. So two more weeks. Yay for baby shower ! Ah, I've gotta register ! Arg. I'm excited though. Everyone planning it and all their little comments and their excitement makes me so excited. And so thankful for everyone helping. I can't wait to see their ideas and their work and everything. It's going to be great. Aleshia keeps saying I hope you like it, or it's what you want and I just keep saying as long as I know it's a boy or girl when I walk in, and as long as no one ruins it before Jan 5th, everything will be perfect. So... 2 weeks. We got this.

I finally got sick too. Stupid cold. It's been my turn, everyone's been sick around me for forever and I'm so surprised I hadn't gotten something sooner. But it didn't turn into the flu, or pneumonia or anything. I just sound horrible, cough up a lung every morning, and can't breathe 90% of the time. But hey, "this too shall pass" right?? If only I could take my dear sweet NyQuil and conk out for the night. I can dream...

Luckily with this break, I can just sleep all day (not always a good thing) and get better and take it easy. And that's what I've been doing. Take that.

Chris got that job at Radio Shack. He was supposed to go in sometime to train this week, but they never called... weird. But hey, it's supposed to snow ! Who called it? Me? He hasn't even started yet and it's supposed to snow. I guess I shouldn't gloat until I actually see snow. Usually there's a 100% chance of 1in or more and then there's nothing. But, he's out salting right now. Yay money ! We're so broke. It's awesome. In the worst way.

Anything else? Busy busy with the holidays. Can't wait to see everyone. Can't wait for the shower. Jan 5, 2pm. Be there.

How far along? 20 weeks ! Halfway. And I barely feel pregnant...
Total weight gain: According to me like 8lbs, but we'll see at my appt next week. 
Maternity clothes? Heck yeah ! I love love maternity pants. And the super slicky black ones Lorien sent <3
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Actually slept from midnight til 1030 one morning straight. no potty breaks. NOTHING
Best moment this week: Feeling the little baby pushing up against my belly and pushing it back. So fun !
Miss Anything? Not feeing outta breathe. and I know I am barely experiencing part of that issue 
Movement: Little jabs, and then full on pressure against my tummy. and i push back. lol its fun  
Food cravings: Stilly my Wendys salad. YUM. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately. Please don't ask or something will happen.   
Gender: I'm saying girl. 2 weeks!
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms: I'm such a ditz. Love it.   
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On. Soooo loose
Happy or Moody most of the time: I can see my swings more now. Sorry Chris ! 
Looking forward to: Feeling better. and then next survey will be about the shower ! ah !


  1. I can't wait to get the invite!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying to know if I need to buy Mickey or Minnie stuff!! (OR PRINCESS STUFF??! OR MONSTERS INC STUFF) Sorry if I don't pick anything up off your registry ;)

  2. Yay! Glad everything at the apt went well and I am so proud of you for having so much willpower! I didn't find out with my first either, although I was sure in my heart she was a girl. Enjoy the snow!


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