Monday, December 10, 2012

December !

December is going by so fast. Oh yeah and Christmas... I should probably get on that whole present buying thing. Oh wait ! You need money for that. Haha ! Silly me. But Chris has a second interview at Radio Shack today. I'm really sad cause it's cheap-y mall pay but hey, its better than what he's making right now, with no snow, and no job. Lame. And (hoepfully) it will start snowing ASAP. Cause that's how it goes. But yay for job interviews ! I thought about a second job, except who would hire me for 5 months... Lame.

This week was pretty fun. Decorated work with lots of snow flakes. I love them. Watched Elf (not at work, I would never do that...) and had fun with my people. We're coming up on our last week of work. I'm so excited !! This week should be pretty simple. Lab lunch, yay free food! Then OB appt to see the sex of the baby Thursday !! Then Friday is the big department lunch. More free food ! I like food.

So, regarding the gender, don't ask me what I'm having. I won't know. You'll know. If you want an invite/save the date, let me know ! I think they're sending out "save the date" type things first, with all the info, then later you'll find out what it actually is. DONT TELL ME!! I will punch you in the face. I'll let you know the date ASAP. People won't confirm or deny. But yay. It stresses me out cause I feel like there's so much I need to do ! Ah ! Help ! **UPDATE: The date has been confirmed. Jan 5th will be the shower. Please let me know your contact info. Location is still to be determined. I doubt it will be anywhere but the church but that's not confirmed yet !

I've finally jumped into maternity clothes. At least pants. Shirts tend to slide up the little stretchy belly part cause its slicky. But they're so much more comfy then waiting until I'm absolutely uncomfortable in my jeans and have to unbotton them. Then I'm paranoid people can see and they're like look at crazy lady. But thanks to some wonderful people in my life, I've gotten hand-me-downs and they fit ! So I've only had to buy 1 pair of pants and that was from the consignment sale for $10. Oh yeah ! Go me. But they're comfy. I don't know why normal people don't wear them all the time.

So I've been having these crazy thoughts now that all the blogs say the baby can hear me and will start hearing outside stuff. I'm so paranoid about what I say. Nothing bad, obviously I don't have a potty mouth. But there's stuff I'm like my child will never watch this or whatever, but there I am talking about it, or watching it. And I'm like OH NO, my poor little babies ears ! I'm going crazy ! Except last night, I went to my Aunt Linda's Christmas Festival thing at her church. It was awesome. Pretty sure they have more people in their choir then we have attend our normal church service. COOL. I was jealous. They did amazing. So many different types of songs, not just the traditional normal boring Christmas music. And I was really sad at first cause I went alone (screw you world, I do what I want!) and felt like such a loser, except I fellowshipped and made friends :] But I was sitting there with my newly showing belly, and was super excited that my baby could hear. I'm like yay ! you'll love Christmas music ! And how beautiful it sounds and then I was like, wait, I'm not alone. I'm never alone (freaky weird thought I know) but I was happy to enjoy this first little Christmas moment with my little one. I know, I'm a crazy mom-to-be with my psycho thoughts. But it was a cute little moment and like a :p moment to all the people that didn't come with me ! I was alone. Let me comfort myself.

And... that's all I have for ya. I really can't remember all the other craziness that is my life.

I'll post pictures of stuff. My g-mail is being lame.

 Happy 19 weeks. Almost halfway !
 At the sweet concert. Aunt Linda being a "ding-a-ling" as she called it !
First MU Basketball game. We barely won. Slackers.

How far along? 19 weeks ! Almost half way. Weird.
Total weight gain: Might have actually gained this time. 
Maternity clothes? Yay for stretchy pants, the maternity bottoms I have, and i've got my eye on a belly band.
Stretch marks? Not that I've noticed
Sleep: Normal
Best moment this week: When Robert called my Chubbs. THANKS
Miss Anything? When we talked about sushi again. 
Movement: Little jabs, little waterbed type movements.  
Food cravings: Salads. I know its not "good" but wendys salads and baked potato. I had one Sat. Will have another for lunch.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Decided I wanted to get sick out of nowhere Saturday. COOL.   
Gender: Everyone finds out this week ! Thursday !
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Total forgetfulness. It's awesome.  
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On. Fall off tho
Happy or Moody most of the time: Um... happy? 
Looking forward to: Seeing my baby on the ultrasound again. Even if I won't get to know the sex, I love seeing him/her!


  1. YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

    I am just going to go ahead and send you my new address because I had every intention of sending out "we moved" cards and never did.

  2. I wanna know! Be careful looking at the ultrasound. As soon as they put it on my belly with Braden the first thing I saw was his little boy parts. But this was my 3rd time so I kinda could see those things better that time. And if it is a girl it's harder to tell (I hear experience there) so that's a plus :)


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