Friday, January 11, 2013

Where to start !

Oh there is so much ! I can't even get my thoughts sorted enough to post anything. Which is why it's been two weeks ! Oops !

So first things first:


Ahhh! How insane ! Our little addition to the family will be Logan Nicholas Perry (unless he absolutely doesn't fit this name, but he'd better!) We love that name. It's the only one we agree wholly on and this was (I'm pretty sure) before we were married. We're still deciding how we feel about this. That sounds so bad ! Ok, let me explain. Well I know how I feel about this, Chris I'm not so sure about. I did want a little girl, because they're cute, and all the fluffy, ruffly stuff you get to have. And I'm a girl, and what girl doesn't want a girl! But, obviously, typical mom answer, I'll be happy with either as long as he's healthy. Which is so true, just lame. (Side note: there are never enough gummies in snack packs. Just FYI) So boys. Chris is really disappointed because he really wanted a girl. Like really, really, really. I know he's happy either way, and will love any child we have. But he makes such sad little "joking" comments. It so depressing. I know he's not serious. And as soon as he sees him and holds him and the first time he says da-da, or follows him around or anything, he'll melt. So, yeah. So now that I've come to terms with not having lacy dresses and hair bows (because I won't do that to my baby boy, at least not with picture evidence...jk) now I'm thinking of all this stuff about boys and what I don't know and how do I explain things to a boy. I'm not a boy ! I don't know anything about being a boy ! And so much responsibility. I know this is normal OMGosh freak-out pregnancy thing, but all this what if, and he's supposed to and what if he doesn't things go through my brain. And a lot of it is SO out of my control and as long as I do what I'm supposed to do and I know to be right, then Logan will have his own choices. But what if ! Ok, I'm done before I start having an anxiety attack at my desk.

Moving on!

So the shower. Which should come before "it's a boy" since that's the way it happened. Whatever. The shower was incredible. Absolutely amazing. It worked flawlessly (take that all you doubting thomas-s!!) No one spilled the beans, or let slip. I can see in retrospect where I could have known from things I noticed, but I would see something, and not dwell on it, because I didn't want to ruin it. Chris on the other hand... He was such a good sport and hated waiting and resented me for my awesome idea, but whatever. It worked. And it was awesome. So if you don't know my idea cause you're lame and don't read every post on my blog (j/k) we didn't find out what the sex of the baby was at the ultrasound, but had it sealed in an envelope, and gave it to my mother-in-law who passed out the info to parents, and those throwing/planning the shower. The week prior to the shower they told all the guests if it was a boy or girl, so we could get gender specific clothes, cause I hate the thought of having a closet full of ducks, or yellow and green. Lame. Now guests know, we registered for both girl and boy stuff. Pretty sound plan. Then if it was a boy, I wanted Mickey, girl I wanted a Minnie shower. That way, Chris and I would walk in, see pink or blue and know and yay ! So much cooler than finding out with a stranger in a dark room with goop all over your belly. No offense.

So that was the plan. Here's how the day went :] 2pm took forever to get here ! Ah ! Torture ! Nick and Patti came to get us so we'd have a car and we could be blindfolded in case someone was late and had a huge blue bag in the parking lot and ruined it before people could see our faces. We got the cutest shirts made (thanks Margo!) that have Mickey & Minnie heads that say Mommy and Daddy. Drove to the church. Walk in and we see this:
All down the hall is pink or blue. Chris thought we'd find out as soon as we walked in the Church. Nope. Gotta wait for the party room with all the people ! My heart was pounding. It was so intense ! So we take the longest walk through the hall. All the windows to the room are blackened, Chris says he'll open the door and I'll open my eyes so we'll see together. Sadly, it took him a second to catch the sex cause the room was red, blue, black, yellow- Mickey colors. But I saw the blue balloons falling right in front of the door and freak out ! So on video you here me scream we're having a boy ! And poor Chris had no idea how I knew this. But we walk in and everyone screams "It's a boy!" It was so perfect. We really had no idea. The room was incredible. They spent so much time on the decorations but it looked great. So honestly, the only thing that wasn't exactly what I had pictured was the blue being everywhere. But it looked amazing and they did better than my brain. And I thought about it, if they had done blue trying to match the image in my head, it never would have looked like that picture and no matter how good, it wouldn't have been "right" and I'm a spaz and would compare. So the fact that they didn't do what I thought they were worked out so much better. I never expected the room to look like it did, so its better than I could have imagined ! Ok back to us (tehe) so we walk in, so overwhelmed- holy goodness we're having a boy! My eyes start tearing up with a billion people looking at me. And then we didn't know what to do. Cause everyone's staring at us. And then we played games, and ate super cute food and opened all our gifts. We went from nothing, to having mostly what we need. Might need a few more of a particular item (ie, we got pacifiers, but I don't think 3 is going to cut it) and then we just have to figure out big stuff. It was so perfect. Absolutely the best shower I could have asked for. So a huge thanks to Angel, Maddie, Aleshia, Patti, Sarah and Linda ! I love you !!

And now pictures in case you don't stalk me on facebook:
Yay ! Surprises !

Can't wait to put our little guy in his shirt !

Mickey food !

It's a B-O-Y !

So cute !!

So that was the baby shower. There's a lots of pictures on my and Angel's Facebook if you can get to those and see more. I wanted to post them all but there's so many !

OK! So other things. NYE was fun. We were up way to late. Threw off my sleep schedule SO bad. Life is fun now that I'm back to work and can't sleep in until noon. I've learned even the most functional families get a little dysfunctional when board games are involved. Chris has finally started at Radio Shack. He loves it (?) as much as you can love a job where you don't do much. They're not busy, but he loves all the Mexicans that come in. And I will love it when we get his paychecks.

We're still waiting on the final word on the house. I'm pretty sure its the last step and I didn't want to work over the Holidays, so I guess I can't get frustrated at someone else for doing the same thing. But now that we know what we're having, and what we need for the baby, it's fun to mentally plan the babies room. And the rest of the house. So excited !!

Chris finally felt the baby kick last night ! I say finally like its been forever, but it really feels like I could feel him kick for so long now. And then Sat. I could feel him on the outside, but they're so random and sporadic and not super strong its hard to get Chris to run to me. But last night (so really, its been less than a week since I felt him on the outside... Goodness I'm impatient!) Chris just looked up at me and was like "was that it? Was that a kick!" cause I stopped saying did you feel that?! Cause not every kick apparently goes through the layers of fat and skin. It was fun. Such a good moment <3

Ok. Anything else will have to come floating back to me, or wait for another day cause this post is getting crazy!


How far along? 23 weeks (almost 6 months... crazy !)
Total weight gain: ?
Maternity clothes? Love them. They're so comfy. Starting to fit better so I'm not constantly pulling up the pants panel. And can't wait to spend the maternity gift cards :] Tank tops are TOO short
Stretch marks? Not yet... 
Sleep: Is fine. Unless he starts kicking, cause then I want to stay awake and feel. 
Best moment this week: 3 moments cause I can't pick one: finding out we're having a boy, the shower and Chris feeling him kick !
Miss Anything? No one giving me unsolicited advice. I know next it will be how to raise the baby. Can't I just punch you?   
Movement: Lots. At weird times of the day. And finally outside kicks !!
Food cravings: um... no?  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Breathing apparently lol   
Gender: BOY! boy boy boy ! Logan ! Yay ! <3
Labor Signs: No way
Symptoms: Itchy skin ! At least once a week I'm nauseous, and my brain doesn't work. Ever.     
Belly Button in or out? In.Chris doesn't think it will ever go out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. Still so loose
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, anxious, excited and totally overwhelmed ! 

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  1. Its funny to hear you say you are nervous about having a boy because you are a girl. Just yesterday I was thinking about Abi (lala's baby) and how hard it would be to have a girl because I only know boys. Hehe! Its so weird, like I know I'm a girl, but all things girl are so weird to me. Warning..this next thought is weird..dont judge. When I change baby girl diapers I always think they look so weird and complicated to clean. Weird...I'm a girl...but still. It's amazing how quick all your girlness kinda fades.. (in a good way) ;) and pink...and sparkles...and nice things...and glass things... I only miss those things sometimes hehe


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