Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Heartburn !

Another week. And another week. I really wish there was more going on in my life. Between me working, Chris working and going to class... that's pretty much life. Somehow I manage to be busy, but I'm really not sure how. 

No new pregnancy updates. The baby's been moving just as much as ever. Chris feels him a lot more. I was sad because Maddie wanted to feel him before she left but she didn't say anything til 2 days before she left ! I'd have screamed for her anytime he moved if I had known. I think my belly is getting big enough for people to just touch it. So far only 3 boys have touched it and they're related to me. And no strangers in the grocery stores or anything like that. I'm sure its a matter of time. Chris always just laughs at me anytime my shirt is tight, or something. He's like your belly is huge ! Thanks sweetie ! I feel like I have heartburn all the time. I'm not sure if I've ever had it ever. So it's what I'm guessing is heartburn. Either way, I have my Tums in my purse. I have an appt tomorrow so I'm going to ask if what I'm feeling is heartburn/acid reflux or whatever, in case I'm medicating for something I'm not experiencing and killing all my stomach acid. And another appt means another heartbeat hearing ! And people keep asking when my next ultrasound is. I wonder if I get another one, since I'm not high risk I can't imagine I'd get another one if it's not his practice. And I can't decide if I want to get the 3-D u.s. even though they are awesome but expensive. We're poor. What's new?

Speaking of poor. Chris got super ambitious the other day and wanted to find a good way for us to remain diligent at a budget. We've made budgets, Dave Ramsey-ed it up, and then 4 weeks later, its all done and over with. Mostly cause we can't do the envelopes and cash. We're debit card people. We never have insufficient funds, or spend like mad. We monitor our spending thanks to our awesome bank app. So Chris found this pretty sweet app, Mint, The Mint, not sure, and it syncs to our bank and monitors spending, categorizes charges, suggests things, IE you go out to eat too much, hence the $100s you spent on fast food last month. Shut up app. Don't tell me what to do! But we went back through our budget, input everything in the app, and now we're hoping this digital "envelope" system will work. As long as we're diligent, I think it will work. There are so many tools and nifty things. I'm excited to take charge of our finances. I'm really excited that Chris is so excited. I like when he gets motivated and hooked on something. Well, most things. Not apple products, windows phone, type things.

Patti and I had a fun date night last weekend. Chris went with Mark and Maddie to snowboard and she needed a night outta the house. And we've not hung out like ever so it was exciting. We went to Applebee's (yummy) and got dessert stuff and made this chocolate chip dip that wasn't as good as I wanted but it was yummy too. And Patti went through the baby shower stuff. That was fun. It was so fun watching her. And she has lots of tips and what works, and what doesn't and little things she discovered along the pregnancy line. It was fun and informative. She dressed up one of the stuffed animals I got with all these random pieces of baby clothes. Man I should take a picture of that ! Ah ! But it was fun. It was nice to just talk. Good times <3

Lets see. 

Madison is officially an official missionary ! Crazy. She went into the MTC today (missionary training center, for you noobs). When we said goodbye to her Monday night it all seemed surreal. Like she's not really leaving for her mission. She's just going back to school, or working or something again. We've just gotten used to her not being around (sad I know) so it just feels like one of those things. Except when I want to text her, or facebook something. It's sad I won't see Sissy Poo pop up on my phone for a looong time. But I'm so excited for her. So extremely jealous. I know it would have happened if it was supposed to, but I wish I'd have had my life in order so I could have served a mission. I just feel like I'd be 10 steps ahead and that much better of a person. So it's so incredible she has this opportunity, considering 3ish months ago, she didn't think she'd ever get to go on a mission until they lowered the age. How amazing! It's really incredible to see how the Lord works. I can't wait to hear from her. I know it won't ever be often enough. I love missionary stories, and especially Sister missionaries. Ah ! So excited for her!

Cute little family !
 Such a sweet moment. So proud. 

Maddie & Pres. Lim after she got set apart. Official Missionary !

I'm sad she won't be around for things, even via skype ie the birth of our child. She's been saying stuff about peaches since we got married. And I was so excited to tell her we were pregnant when we found out cause I wanted to share it with my little sister. But alas. Sacrifice brings forth blessings. I'm being selfish. She'd barely be here for it. She'd be at BYU and all that. But still. I'm really not meaning to sound bratty. It's totally worth it. And really, going to serve the Lord for 18 months vs staying home, going to school and talking to us every few days/weeks... I wonder what's the better choice to put her efforts into. Duh, Haley.

Ok. Survey. Cause nothing else is going on !

How far along? 25 weeks
Total weight gain: Will know tomorow morning
Maternity clothes? Can't wait to find stuff at the store in Charleston this weekend. A WHOLE MATERNITY STORE !
Stretch marks? The ones I see I'm pretty sure were already there... hopefully lol not?  
Sleep: Getting enough cause I wake up to pee and feel refreshed and can't fall back asleep  
Best moment this week: More baby kicks. All the time. I love it !
Miss Anything? Breathing normal/not feeling like I have heartburn..
Movement: Tons !
Food cravings: Double stuff oreos <3 that I went and got... Lame  
Anything making you queasy or sick: The super cold air !   
Gender: He's a boy. Pretty sure I'm deleting this next week. Sorry to disappoint! 
Labor Signs: Nope 
Symptoms: Still itchy. Belly is super tight. Peeing.       
Belly Button in or out? In. 
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: So happy lately I love it ! 
Looking forward to: My appt tomorrow to hear the heartbeat and see what's next, so I have something to look forward to !

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