Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I missed last week ! Oh well. It was my ever so interesting week of laying on the couch. No joke. My last day of work was last Thursday, and only half a day, then Friday off, then the whole week of Thanksgiving. I seriously love(!!!) my job. So it consisted of me being so sick the first few days (nice timing jerk) and really thought I was going to be spending my vacation on the couch wasting away from want of food. But, alas, it was only a few days. And now I feel great. I hate to say it, cause it will come back to bite me, but I honestly do. This is the best I've felt in a looong time. I'm slightly exhausted but nothing like before where I couldn't keep my eyes open no matter how much I tired, and would laugh at the thought of making it through the day without at least one nap. Oh life is gettin' good!

Thanksgiving was fun. As always. I love seeing family. We never get to even though everyone pretty much lives within a 30 min drive. What's up with that?? And we only had 2 dinners this year as opposed to the three in one night last year. It's too hard to eat that much food. You feel obligated even though you just ate. And I love seeing my family. We got there 2nd again, and after the 30ish (haha) people we had at the Perry party my 8 people party at my grandma's was low-key. They thought it was rowdy, but really? Wanna bet?? I love turkey. And mashed potatoes and gravy. YUM. I'd eat it once a week if it wasn't such a pain to make a whole stinkin' turkey ! And tatoes, and gravy and casseroles, etc, etc, etc. 

Anywho. Life. Um... yeah. Pretty normal I guess. Getting geared up for Christmas. I'm finally "allowed" to listen to Christmas music. So woo ! And I think today (finally!) I'll get the last bit so I can finish my tree. I mean our tree. Nope, it's my tree. Chris hates Christmas. He even called himself a Scrooge. So :p My tree! I'm pretty excited. I love Christmas. Not excited about finding presents for everyone. Or finding the money for the presents for everyone. But the whole spirit, and the whole mood of society changes. I love it. It makes me so happy. And I love that people actually focus on Christ. Even if they dont for the other 11 months out of the year, at least 1/12 of their life will be spent on remembering His birth. Yay!

So baby stuff. Yay? I'm 16 weeks and some days along. Still fit in to all my clothes. Just fine. Jeans get a little snug if I sit for too long. But... nope. All these blogs with "this is where you should be" weekly ticker things I used to love. Now they're just telling me all the things I'm not experiencing. For instance, alphamom.com, LOVE her blog. Found it months and months before I was even pregnant. Hilarious ! Excerpt: Week 17 (where I am) 

"Possibly feel immensely huge and very pregnant (nope), but your bump probably isn’t as noticeable as you think it is (bump?). People may hesitate to comment or miss it completely, like the woman last night who came up and handed me an alcoholic cocktail and seemed genuinely shocked when I politely refused it, despite the fact that I feel like my belly eclipses my shoes at this point (eclipse?)."

Ugh. I hate you hilarious blog writing mother. While I'm honestly not bitter at all for not gaining wait and being huge and busting out of my clothes, I'm just slightly frustrated cause I feel like I've just been sick, and tired and basically battling the flu for 3 months. Are you sure I'm pregnant? Are you sure that whole ultrasound thing you did wasn't a pre-recorded baby video from someone else who's actually pregnant?? Ugh. Next topic !

So after I whine, let me be humble. I count myself lucky. I have had this chance that many women fight for, spend $10,000s to do, sometimes a lot more than that. So yes, I am blessed. I am so extremely lucky. I know this. I can count many personal friends and family who struggle(d) so please don't hate me. But until my belly pops out, or I feel a flutter or something, I just feel like I've been sick. So cut me some slack :p But yes, I love it, I'd never trade it for not being pregnant. I'm just wishing away my time (and body apparently) so I can actually be pregnant! Oh future me don't punch me in the face. 

But I have an appt Thursday, just a check up. Which I'm excited for, cause I had scary stuff go down this past month, and hearing my baby's heartbeat will reassure me everything's fine, even if I'm not growing, as long and she is. And then (exciting!!) my next appt will be 4 weeks from that Dec 27th, and I'm pretty sure that will be the anatomy scan aka what is the baby!! Yay ! I'm no positive. I'll know more this week when we make the appt. But WOO! I'll be 20 weeks so I dang better freaking have that ultrasound. So, a few weeks after that then I'll get to know what my baby is ! Yay for my fun baby shower. If you're confused why I won't know until Jan, read here -----> My super awesome totally original baby shower idea! 

On a super sad note. My in-laws beautiful chocolate lab ran off. Which she never does. And didn't have her collar on. Posted signs, called shelters, went and looked for her. And thankfully (sorta) social media helps. Everyone in the family posted pics and posted the general area she might be in. And someone got a message there was a dog (not alive) on the interstate. We'd probably have checked there the next day, but how insane is Facebook that you can do that. Years ago, you'd never lost post and find your dog that quick. Anyways, sadly, it was her. My sweet husband who has such a tender heart for animals was so broken up about it. The whole family was and still is. They only had her for two years (got her for Christmas, and her name was Noel, adorable) and was such a sweet playful dog. She will be missed, by more than her human family. Just wanted to put a little something about her. 
The tree amigos <3

OK happy stuff before I start crying !
How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain: 0, but hopefully something when I got to my appt Thursday
Maternity clothes? Nope. See my angry rant above.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Except for the husbands phone/text messages/alarms waking me up, I'm good
Best moment this week: Someone asking me when I'm going to start looking pregnant. Fo' realz!
Miss Anything? Um... no?  
Movement: I think so. Something. But it's so sporadic, and by the time it registers I forget what it felt like 
Food cravings: Fruit. ALL THE TIME. And artichokes. That aren't in season. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. It's a nice change, let me tell you.   
Gender: Still saying girl. 
Labor Signs: No way
Symptoms: I get dizzy sometimes. COOL.   
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On. Falling off actually.  
Happy or Moody most of the time: Defintely moody. Sorry honey :] 
Looking forward to: My appt this week to make sure everything's ok!

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