Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The way my brain works

So I had a fun thought. Well, I've had this fun thought, and the other day I tried explaining it to Chris so it can be done. But I'm afraid he didn't get it as a boy.  So, I'm putting it in here, so when the time comes I can send the link and get it done.

So it has to do with babies. And I know it will be a while but I'm a planner and I get things taken care of ahead of time. I love the idea of not knowing what I'm going to have. I wish I was born a while ago so I wouldn't have the option and know any different then having a surprise when the baby's born. But now a days, it's just not practical. With everything you need, and I don't want a bunch of weird unisex things. I have a very sex specific decor in mind for boy vs girl. So, I was thinking of a way for there to still be a surprise. It all spawned with a cake I saw for a way to reveal the gender of a baby. On the outside you don't know, but once you cut into it, it's either blue or pink and then you know. Tada. Make sense. Well... I thought about how fun that'd be and having it at a baby shower but then people would buy gifts and not know until they get there and I don't like returning things that much.

So, my idea :] And I'm super excited if it works out. Since I'm a genius and always ruin my surprises. But I'm hoping since I'm planning my own surprise it will work.

So, here's how it would work. I'd go to the doctors with Chris and whether Chris wants to know or not, whatever. But when they got to the point to tell us what the baby was, either A) they can tell Chris and he'd just have to keep the secret or B) they can write it down and I'd give it to.. someone, probably Angel. Whoever. And so... we still don't know. So we go about our normal lives and register for baby stuff, boy and girl. And then its baby shower time. So Angel/whoever send out the invites and on there it will say what the sex is... but shh. its a surprise don't tell Haley. [I can totally see this part being ruined and someone letting something slip] Then the people can buy us gender specific stuff from our registry without us knowing.

So how will we find out? I want it to be at the baby shower. I want to have the room decorated with either boy or girl. My dream is to have minnie/pink for girls or mickey/blue for boys. So I can be blindfolded, or the lights off or something fun. And then if Chris doesn't know he can come to the shower too, but we'd walk in and then we'd know ! And we can be excited or not excited haha But how fun would that be to have on camera !

So that's my idea. Then all our gifts wouldn't be for the wrong sex, and we wouldn't have to return things [unless we just didn't like them] and it would all be good fun.

It's the only way I can figure out how to have a surprise but still be able to know before the baby's born. Now I'm excited that this idea is out there. Maybe if it ever happens I can make a post about that :]

And PS. sarah, Chris and I had "the talk" today... thought you'd wanna know :p


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