Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thanks Sarah (T.) !

So I've been meaning to update this, but every thought I have to update about is when I'm upset or frustrated. And I want this to be a happy blog :] So I wait until I calm down, or forget whatever dumb thing was driving me crazy.

So first off, why I titled this "thanks Sarah (T.)"... She text me the other day about a dream she had, where I was pregnant and I named the girl Lily Rose (which I do love... but Chris would never go for, because we have a daisy, and that's just a lot of flowers). But anyways. So I've been having some weird girl issues (TMI, I know) and then Sarah tells me about this dream. And I'm like, oh no. What if she's psychic!? Well, she's not. :p luckily I had an extra pregnancy test lying around from forever and a half ago and its very negative. So thank Sarah for my freak out moment !

Moving on!  I think we've decided to stay in WV. Sorry Utah people :/ Just in weighing the options, the risk vs benefits, etc, we thought it was best to stay here. I knew applying to BYU and saying he got accepted would raise hopes (even mine!) but we're ok with this decision. I'm sorry. I love you all and I'd be there in a instant ! Sad day.

But now that we've decided to stay here, I've had 3 job interviews. And I think nothing was happening on the job front, since I've been applying since Sept, because we had to decide what to do about moving or whatever. So once we made that decisions, BAM, 3 calls. One Marshall one, which I doubt will go thru, because the jobs over in Sept, and then I'll be jobless. Sad. The other is for this International company, which sounds fun cause I'd get to travel all of the place all the time. But, I don't know how I'd do without a set schedule and being gone for a week, home for a day, then gone again. I don't know if I could do that. Then the last which we're really hoping for ! I interviewed at Alcon. This job reminds me so much of the job I had in Utah that I loved. And that pay should be the same if not more (hopefully!) and the company is wonderful. The only downside is its 300-1130pm job :/ but I'd make more working the 2nd shift. And really, I don't go to bed early or anything. And if I wanted I could go back to school during the day. It could really work out. So I'm praying and praying. I really want it to work out. I fantasize about leaving this place ! Ah ! Anyways. Should be fun.

We'll see.  Other than that, life's been pretty normal. I have the cutest little nephew in the world. I can't get enough of him, probably because I don't see him enough lol but I'm trying to give the new mommy and daddy some space. I don't think I'd want people all up in my face when I'm trying to adjust. And then Sarah found out she's having a girl, which is awesome ! Chris is so sad because he wanted to have a girl. And I said we waited to long. And I bet we wouldn't have a girl anyways. But we'll see !

Work. School. Chris is almost 1/2 way done with school. WOO HOO! That makes me happy. Church is the same :] I think I'm making new friends. I like new friends. Especially when they remind me of people I used to hang out with, and make me into someone I used to be before.

OH We're looking for a new apartment. Our landlady/manager at our place now is the devil. And we aren't like rushing to get out, but if I get a new job and there's more money involved and Chris is going back to work and yay, we can get a bigger/better place. With a dishwasher, or washer and dryer, or white walls. We went to look at a place yesterday, which I like, except its 2x what we pay, with pretty sure smaller square footage. And we'd have to get rid of our sugar glider :/ But it has white walls !! We have another place to look at tomorrow hopefully and that place should be ok. Big. Huge for a 1BR. Random. But I'm excited we're even looking somewhere else. I love it :] The thought of quitting and leaving this place in the dust. And the thought of moving and wanting to tell that lady all the horrible things that are in my head. Fun.

General Conference is this weekend. I can't wait. Chris and I even had a mini FHE (family home evening) lesson about it and preparing for it and stuff. I love Conference. I miss being in Utah for it </3  If you want to check out what General Conference is, here's a link:

Basically, we have a huge church wide broadcast 2x a year, April and October. And the Prophet and Apostles and other General Authorities speak to us about concerns in the world today, or guidance and counsel that we need to hear. They are such inspired messages and exactly what I need to hear sometimes. It's amazing that we have Prophets that can share the messages our Heavenly Father wants us to know for our lives now. It's amazing to have that guidance and know of that love He has for us. He won't leave us alone or lead us astray. He helps and guides. I'm so excited !  Check it out !And you can come. Chris and I make cookies :] Sat 12pm and 4pm and Sunday at 12pm and 4pm :] Woo hoo !

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  1. Sadly, I'm not psychic... but IF you do have a girl, that will be her name!! I'm determined. I it will happen!!


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