Monday, March 12, 2012


Yay for updates ! I probably get more excited than whoever reads this when I update. It's like a little badge of honor for keeping this up. ::Pat on my back::

So, now for an update. Don't hold me to this; this is not an official statement. But I doubt we're going to Utah.  Just the risk of it all... doesn't really seem worth it. Why? So... but like I said. That's not final, that's not official. It's just what we're leaning towards.

But, we also might have summer plans. Which I'm super excited about, cause I get to quit my job. Woot ! So Nick (Chris' brother) has had a position open up in his team for the security system installations that I can take. Before Chris wanted to go, but I'd have to stay behind and that's not going to happen. And I'm not going to go and just tag along cause that's a waste of time and no making money. So now that there's a position for me and Chris. It's in Texas. Which is close to so much, like Mert, and my bff Katherine and her new (to be) baby will be two hours away. And the job sounds sorta intense, but I think once I figure out my rhythm and the most efficient way to do it, I'll be set. I would take calls, relay between sales and techs, keep the forms up, etc. Nothing too intense. Weirdly, the job I have now has taught me that kinda organization stuff :] And then Chris will go off and be an installation tech, and make good money. Nick reassured us that the sales team is awesome, and we should be pretty busy. It's sad cause we wouldn't have long periods of time off to go travel, mostly just mornings, and then Sundays. But there's temples SUPER close. And we'll be with family. We get a super nice apt that might (probably will) have a pool and a gym. Sweet. No ugly wood walls.

We'll have to drive both cars down, which I'm not super thrilled about, but everyone kept saying I won't want to be stranded. Whatever. But that's the tentative-ish plan. Nick is calling the company people today to see if he has that privilege to fill that position and to even hire me. If not, sad day. I can't tell you how much I fantasize about quitting my job. Especially if we leave in May. Thats only 2 1/2 ish months. I'd probably quit early. Just to be a slacker. Get my leave paid out. Sa-weet ! Oh dreams <3 I hope this works. I think it'd be fun to get away for a few months, have a nice place, make so sweet money.

The downside, is when its over in August and we have to come back. Where do we live? Our old apts are so hard to get into we might as well put in an application as soon as we move out. Cause we probably still won't have one available. And then work :/ arg. I'll probably be applying to everywhere all summer with an availability starting in Aug as soon as we're back. But let's be serious. I've been applying to everything since Sept... look how that's turned out. Great ...? So... I'll just get somewhere to start making money, bring something in. Since we'll have the money from the summer. But obviously we won't want to use that. Disney here I come ! (in aug haha)

So we'll see. Life. At least we know we're staying. Or thinking we're staying. We'll see what Nick says today.

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