Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy November !

Weird. October went by so fast. In such a slow way. Does that even make sense??  Moving on !

What have I been up to... uh nothing. Feeling better obviously. [did I just jinx myself!] just a few gags and weird breathing fits over the sink every few days. But... I wasn't really bad before. I don't feel as tired. Which is weird. I actually made it thru Sunday without a nap. What is up with that ! Normal non pregnant me couldn't do that ! But this week has been pretty uneventful. It was weird handing out candy on Nov 1. Felt kinda creeper-ish. But we had left overs. I know a lot of counties rescheduled and people didn't know and all kinds of madness ensued and poor kids didn't get to trick or treat. Sad day. Next year I'm totally taking my 5 month old so I can swipe ALL of his/her candy. Oh yeah ! So excited :]

Then... MU game, went to Longhorn. Nummy! How I miss that place and how sad I am that I just now realized I love the Tonion... really? I worked there all the time, and there were always "left over" "sent back" "made too many" whatever, "here-vulture-servers-eat-this-free-tonion" and I'd walk right past it cause it was gross. What was wrong with me ! Anyways. It was a nice double date with my in-laws. I loved it. How weird. Who actually likes going out with their in-laws? It was my idea, and set up and I want to do it all the time. Especially if steak is involved. Speaking of steak. Stupid steak salesman. I hate door to door guys. Sorry if you do it. I loathe you. Especially cause I can't say no. So when I say no 4x and you still push me to get something. I officially want to call the cops. Especially when my husband isn't stepping up and saying "dude, she said no like 20 mins ago, why are you still here?" But on a happy note. I got a box of filets [my fave] that I have no clue how to cook in the amazing way that Longhorn does. So it will probably just be a waste. Oh well. Happy steaks.

Still love my job. Yup. My boss leaves for India tomorrow for the month. Life is going to get a lot more laid back around here [definitely didn't think that was possible] but I'm pretty excited for early days and a few hours of work and sleep :]

OH HELLO! Let me just forget the biggest thing ever. So last week I had my ultrasound. DUH. What the heck. I kept meaning to post stuff all weekend and be like yay babies ! But hello, apparently it wasn't a big deal. Whatever...

So last Thursday was my first ultrasound. I got nervous cause the tech asked me why I was having one when I got there to check-in and I thought she was going to nix it and I would have cried right there. But she said they normally don't do them this early [screw you, I was 13 weeks, I know people who got one at 5 and 7 and shove it] unless somethings wrong and blah blah. But she "squeezed" me through anyways. That's what I thought. Chris wasn't there yet. Sad day ! But I got in the room, loved the girl after we got past me possibly not getting to see my child, and I finally got to see my little one. Still doesn't seem real. Even tho she was shoving that thing into my full bladder and very clearly there was a little human in there. It was so incredible. Everything they say about how you feel in that moment was spot on. I still just couldn't believe it. And I could have laid there staring at that screen for hours and hours. Just watching him/her jump around, and wave, and arch her back and getting a tour "here's the head, here's the hands, count the fingers, here's the umbilical cord, etc" I soaked it all up ! THEN Chris finally arrived. But we got to do it all again :] I really should have recorded him watching since I'd seen it so I kept glancing at him to see his face. It was perfect. Hearing that heartbeat was so perfect. I want it was my ringtone. Not really lol... but sorta really. Such a good day. Got pictures printed, and got to see my little one jumping around like a little bean. Loved it ! I'll post pics at the end.

And I finally told people at work. I kept waiting for the "right moment" and it just felt awkward. I don't know why I find it hard to say "hey, I'm pregnant!" It's like this awkward, look at me look at me selfish spot light moment. I don't know. I'm weird. But my boss knew forever ago. But the techs I hadn't told. But I showed Katie the ultrasound pics and her reaction was good, but I could tell she knew. And she did know ! Piyali came right to her after I told her and was like can she work? OMG what are we going to do ! why didn't she tell us ! and Katie's like.. chill she's fine, she just can't work with toxins. [noted!] So she knew for weeks. And then Brent walked in and im like does he know too.. and she kinda looks sheepish and is like yeah... I told him about 2 weeks ago. I'm like FINE. I quit ! lol So the little students, they for sure don't know. So I'll at least get them. But Katie's fun now that she knows. She makes comments and looks out for me.. sniff sniff. It's cute :] I like us working together. We have fun.

OK no more typing. Sorta. On to my weekly-so-entertaining-pregnancy survey !

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight gain: Nothing according to the scale at drs office last week. weird. 
Maternity clothes? I want to buy them all ! not cause i need them. But i have a box coming :] yay !
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: Is sleep. Nothing different. Except peeing in the early AM.  
Best moment this week: the ultrasound and "telling" my coworkers :]
Miss Anything? Not feeling nauseous. Always what I say. 
Movement: don't feel it but it was crazy to see !
Food cravings: I'm loving wheat thins right now <3 especially with cheese. YUM.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Walking Dead. Thanks Chris. And smells still. Not as bad tho.  
Gender: I might have thought boy for a second today. Not going to lie. 
Labor Signs: no way jose !
Symptoms: Evil cramps. And gagging. Ugh 
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :] 
Looking forward to: the day I "pop" according to all these dang blogs ! being overweight doesnt help but geez !
My favorite ^^^
 So far all 10 fingers and toes :]
 creepy halloween face :]
 Strong 160ish heartbeat [superstition says girl!]
 The other awesome halloween shot

not really sure where you see foot... but ok ultrasound tech :]


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