Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wake me up...

Whenever September is almost over that GreenDay song always goes on in my head about wake me up when September ends. And then I wish I could sleep through September. I love September, but I want to sleep a whole month and then have someone wake me up later. Ah, wouldn't that be nice? To sleep for so long. Bears don't know how lucky they got it ! Dang bears !

Nothing is really going on. I'm not really sure why I'm updating. I kept trying to come up with someone to write about and then just didn't... and before I knew it, I had a new post page open. Oh well. Life is being the same. Nothing really new going on. October should be fun.

We find out about BYU (I know, I put that in here every post) and next weekend is General Conference, which I love dearly more than almost anything and if you ever get the chance to get me to talk about it in person I'll probably cry. Just like I'm getting that knot in my throat just typing this. Man do I love Conference. <3

October also means pretty fall ! I love campus when the leaves change cause they have enough random trees everywhere that the colors are amazing. I'm pretty sure last year I just went on walks and collected leaves. Huge leaves the size of your face. That are pretty yellows and oranges. Talk about awkward when you're waiting for everyone to be gone so you can discreetly pick up a leaf. Silly Haley, no one cares what you're doing picking up leaves.

And Halloween. I really want to actually dress up. Last year there was a medical emergency and we ended up visiting church members who unexpectedly were at the hospital when their son was in a bad motorcycle accident and I'm the only Relief Society leader that they could get in touch with to go visit them and touch base (Relief Society is the women's organization within the church. See more here----> So we didn't have the chance to dress up since we met wonderful people and were busy doing service. (I hope that sounded modest!)

So it should be an exciting month. Yay October. I know I'm wishing away my time and I'm really not. I love September. I've still got lots going on these last few days. Tara's Baby shower, then Saturday is the Relief Society Broadcast and Ice Cream social (oh yeah, church and ice cream, bring it !). Anyone else excited for the new Presidency to speak as I am? Did you remember we have a new RS Presidency? Just kidding ! Don't feel bad. I'm crazy.

And then the final episode of Doctor Who until the 50th Anniversary Christmas episode which in itself is enough to make you want to cry. But its the last episode of the beloved Ponds. CRY ALL THE TEARS ! I am not looking foward to this moment. Except that I am. Sorta. Such a sad day.

So now that you know my life plan for the next 4 weeks feel free to tell me I'm a loser. But yay for wasting time! Enjoy your last few days of September!

Oh. PS. as a preface for my next instantaneous post. I reread the posts from my other blog (you have another blog!? why yes, yes I do) All 5 posts. And my one follower and yeah. It's sad. I really like some of them tho. That blog was more, religious, here's what I realized while reading scriptures, or this fun fact someone in church shared. It was really good. But kind of died away. Anyways ! So now that I have actual readers (Shocking!! I know) I might copy over the posts periodically (as in the next 5 posts will be those lol) because I really liked some of the things I shared (sound modest?). So... don't stop reading my blog. It won't last for long.

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