Monday, September 17, 2012


Monday sounds an awful lot like mundane... just saying. Coincidence? I think not!

Why not write another update ya know, instead of actually doing work... weird. Maybe I like the excitement of procrastination, the rush of realizing everything I have to get done in less than an hour if I want to get outta this place by 4. Oh silly me.

I had a fun birthday weekend. A little low key, which is probably good, ya know, since I'm getting old now. Came to work for a few hours and felt so horrible for leaving early, especially since I got laughed at when I asked if it was ok. Whatever. My boss said he interviewed for a company that gave employees their birthdays off and he likes that idea. Noted. Finally opened my big present that had been torturing me. It was full of fun !  I got my own personal spinning floating T.A.R.D.I.S. I give you full permission to be jealous. It will eventually make it to my desk at work and keep my company in my little cubicle. So I can stare at it as it spins and dream of the day when the Doctor will tumble into my life and take me (and Chris if he wants to ) away in his blue box.
Don't laugh at me until you watch the whole series, and love it like me. Then you'll understand. 

The rest of the box contained the present I was secretly planning for and was going to be really sad when I didn't get it since I was already acting like it was a done deal. I finally got some Project Life stuff (see if you need some info. It's wonderful!)
I'm so excited ! I got the Cherry Edition starter kit. Love it. I need more stuff. Oh wait, I already ordered some from Amazon and spent the better half of Saturday running around with Mert getting more things. I love it ! The only thing is I have to return the binder. Chris thought the turquoise edition binder would be more "family" looking. Which, he does have a point. Except his OCD wife can't put Cherry edition stuff inside a Turquoise edition binder ! Ah ! It hurts my brain thinking about it. So I'll eventually return it and get the plain black probably. Simple. Goes with everything and I don't have to worry about it getting dirty like that white one. 

I did start the title page. I'm not super thrilled with some of it. If only my dang cricut (the mat actually) would work then I'd be fine and dandy. So some of the stuff was handwritten. Gross. Usually I don't mind it. But in this I do. I'll fix it eventually. So far, thats it. I've got ideas for the next 2 pages and hopefully stuff happens during the week so I can have two pages worth of stuff. We shall see. Chris is kinda already regretting getting it for me when I kept snapping pictures yesterday. Oh well. 

So presents, dinner with my dad, Tracy and Josh. Yummy mexican, and off tune serenades. Then cookie cake <3 love it. Shopping for craft supplies (date stamp, markers, paper, etc). Then MU game, where we should have won, but hey who doesn't want to score when you're down 3pts? I think I'll throw an interception.. COOL. 

Then church. The usual. 

I love birthdays. I got to hear from a few people I don't usually hear from. It's nice. I miss my family. 

All in all, 26 is good so far. Except that I'm tired. Full of fun, presents and surprises ! <3

OH and I'm pretty sure (but trying not to get my hopes up) that I've kinda got that job. The PhD emailed me again (horrible I know!) for a 2nd reference letter since she hasn't gotten a 2nd response. So I emailed Eric, he said he'd have it in tomorrow. Told her she'd have it tomorrow and she said good because this delay has caused them to put off doing an experiment. Why? Do they need me to do the experiment? Word? I'd love to not hate coming to work again. Not sure how I feel about the animal work. We shall see. Lots of things coming up in the next few weeks. Job? BYU? who knows what else !

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