Monday, September 10, 2012

[insert witty title]

It's Monday. Cut me some slack. No desire to be at work [ya know, since I work so hard!], actually no desire to even be awake. But I'm here.

I can't seem to catch a break lately. I keep thinking it will happen, and then it doesn't. And I'm not really sure why. I have a plaque and I'm sure I've shared this before, that says "Faith in the Lord includes faith in His timing." I love it. So simple, so true. Such a good reminder. But seeing the "why-is-this-taking-so-long" is pretty hard sometimes.

As usual, I'm complaining about my job. Shocker, I know. I keep thinking I'm getting out of here. Oh is that the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh nope. Just more dark tunnel. I am grateful to have a job, benefits, a really good salary that more than takes care of my family. Please don't get me wrong and think I'm not noticing how fortunate I am. But, what the heck ! I never saw the job posting my dad kept telling me about. Must have missed it being posted when I checked the website every day for weeks upon weeks. The few job interviews I have had got my hopes up and then crashed and burned. Most recently was a job interview 2 floors up [still at Marshall] in another lab. Very quick interview. The PhD was fun, kinda quirky. I think I could really enjoy working again. One of her two lab techs [just two! they need me!] said it's not the most fun job, but he doesn't hate coming to work everyday. And I'm like that's nice. What's that like? It's been so long. So I'm pretty excited, waiting for the appropriate amount of time to follow and thank-you-for-the-interview-email. And she wants reference. Not just name and phone numbers, which I have. But letters. Which I thought I had a few from a few years back. No clue where they are. So I email 5 people. Two can't do it. Stupid company policy. and the other 3 haven't responded. I'm freaking out ! I want this job so much I really don't care about my work now [yeah, I know, did I ever care about the work I'm doing now?] and I just want to leave. Put in my notice and be gone, well, "gone" to a lab two stories higher. But what can I do? I just want letters that say I'm awesome to work with, I get stuff done, I'm reliable, efficient, yada yada. I just don't understand why this waiting game.

The way Marshall HR works by the time I'd even get the letters in, it will be weeks before we can even do anything about it. Marshall HR... I loathe you. And reference letters. I loathe you too. Hopefully something happens soon. I just worry how this is reflecting on me to the PhD. Where are her letters? Will no one write one? Is she that bad of an employee? Maybe we shouldn't hire her... Yay! Another light extinguished.

On a happy note. In 3 weeks will be the BYU deadline and we can see again if Chris got accepted. Then there's a whole other big decision to make. I'm convinced they'll all happen at once. Cause that's how it works. For me at least. Oh BYU, Utah, decisions.  And my birthday is Friday. Pretty excited. Mostly because I have a big box sitting on the desk that's been taunting me for a week. I want to open it. It's got lots of presents in it. Not just one. Yay for turning 26 ! Yuck !

And on a not so happy note, my sweet angel of a great grandmother passed away last week. She really was an angel. The world has lost such an amazing sweet daughter of God. Her and my great grandpa are on my top 5 list of most amazing people to walk the earth. Jesus is on that list. That's how awesome they are. I'm so lucky to have had her example and now to have [and had to read for a long time. I'm a slacker] a copy of her personal history she wrote years ago to read and hear her voice as I'm living her life with her. I'm so lucky to have the Gospel in my life that seals and binds families together across generations so that she's still my great grandma when we're in the next life. And her and my great grandpa, together for over 70 years will still get to enjoy that love and devotion they had here. I love that love stories don't have to end at death. What happier thing is there?


  1. No maam. I thought about it. And Christie had mentioned talking to Stacy, so I was kinda hoping she would get back to me. I know, I shouldn't depend on someone to do something for me.


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