Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twice in one week !

I'm on a roll ! I want a roll. A buttered Wawa roll with a hot turkey bowl... yummy. Its almost lunch time. A Reese's cup didn't cut it for breakfast. Yummy Wawa...

So I've had this thought. And I keep thinking it, and thinking I should blog it and yada yada, but never do. And I think its a pretty good thought. 

Almost a year ago, for our area in our church, our Stake President (he's the leader over a group of congregations, so here, some in Kentucky, Ohio) he got really excited and starting pushing Indexing. If you don't know what it is (because I sure didn't!) go here---> . Basically the Church has scanned all these different types of historical documents, ship manifests, censuses, birth records, marriage records, you name it. And computers can't extract the info, so they get nice volunteers to spend their time going through the records and pulling out information about people: name, age, where they live, parents, etc. This is a HUGE help when it comes time to do your own family history and you can't find something online for your great great great (etc) grandparent. Once these records are indexed, the information is published and all of the sudden you can find information on your great great great... grandparent. Its happened to me. It was a really good moment. (I have a feeling I might have talked about indexing before here, but I'm not sure...Sorry!) I love it. I love seeing all these old names, from all these crazy places. I have an insane imagination so when I was doing the 1940 census and there'd be a family (husband wife kids) and then random sister in law, or mother or whoever staying, I'd come up with this huge story in my head as to why that person was staying with them. Stuff like that. I'm weird. 

So lately, I've picked it up again. It helps pass the time at work when I'm bored, or just plain procrastinating. I feel like its an ok trade off since I'm doing a service ! The new project I've been working on now since the 1940 Census was done forever ago is ship records from the 1800-early 1900's. All these different people coming from everywhere, literally, to come to America. Some of the records have a place written with how much money they have on them. Some only travel with $10 (which back then was probably amazing!) but it makes me think, they left everything, their homes, their country, their culture, everything, to take what little they could and get on a ship and show up in America.  There was hope here. There was a dream they had, and they could make it happen here. So when I've been grumbling about how much I hate my situation and how much I hate this job drama I have to go through, I see these people who sacrificed so much, so much comfort, stability, a life they'd built, to come here. And I have it. People are still trying to come here to live their dreams. There's a quote I see sometimes that hits me to the core when I'm grumbly: "Someone else is happy with far less than what you have." Ouch... that really makes me think. Haley, shut up. You have a wonderful husband, a great (ish) job, a great salary, wonderful family, the Gospel, a warm full apartment, food, love, friends, etc. So much. I have what people want. What people dream of having. Of what people used to come to this country for.

I don't want to say I'm living the American Dream and this is what I've been after my whole life, but I'm not far from it, and I'm still young. Of course I haven't reached it yet. But this whole indexing thing really put things in perspective for me. If these people were still alive today and heard my griping about what I'd do, they'd probably hit me. Or give me a good talking to (something I think old people would say). I should be grateful. And I really try to be. Sometimes, it's just so much easier to be grumpy. And, honestly, the second I had this "ah-ha" moment, I got an email from the PhD. She wanted to request references and me follow up and hope our collective efforts would produce action. And the next day, she got a letter. One more ! So we'll see. Things have been looking up. Even in my current job. Its still not my favorite, and it still has its issues. But its working out better.  

Happy Thursday !

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