Thursday, September 27, 2012

Old post #1

This one is dated June 25, 2010 (cute I just got married. Aw!) and is titled When Thou Are Converted. It's a good one ;] Enjoy !

So we had the missionaries over last night. Which isn't too much of a surprise because they're always over here. But they shared a spiritual thought with us that I've decided to share as well because it was very profound, touching, I liked it.

The scripture was from Luke 22:32:

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not:
and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

This is Christ talking to Peter. And the part the Elders focused on was when Christ says "thou art converted." If you think of all the things that Peter was a part of, all that he saw, and Christ is saying when you are converted. He was there for the Sermon on the Mount, the fishes and loaves, he walked on water to Christ, he was there when others were raised from the dead by Jesus. He was an apostle of Jesus Christ and was there for so many miracles and amazing things. Yet, Jesus still says when thou art converted...

This makes me think of questions so many have asked about those that saw angels, witnessed miracles, and still rebelled from the Church, or turned away and denied the truth. Just because they saw an angel or witnessed Christ raise someone from the dead doesn't necessarily mean they'll be granted a testimony. They still had to work to believe, they still had to be converted regardless of all they had seen.

So what do you believe? Are you converted? Are you one of those people that have seen miracle after miracle and isn't committed? What do you need to do to be converted? Do it. Don't wait.

And once you are converted, follow Christ's counsel to Peter: Strengthen thy brethren. Once you know, once you have a testimony, you are told to go out and find those that are struggling, those that are weak and those that are still discovering for themselves.

Find it for yourselves and then help others. Thanks Elders.

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