Monday, July 9, 2012


So life has been wonderful this last three weeks I guess. Girls Camp was amazing ! I loved it ! It was super hectic and I probably cried/wanted to cry like 100 times. It's always so stressful until its over. I just try to control too much. I want things to go perfectly and they never do. Ever. So I get frustrated cause it's not going how I planned. "But it's in the notebook like this, so it has to go like this !" just doesn't work at camp.  And I realized I was missing the point. The point of camp isn't a schedule or the plan. I was in charge of devotionals, the spiritual part of camp. The big group things every night. Instead of just letting them happen, instead of the girls getting those lessons and refueling I would rush and cut things short and basically let them miss out on amazing lessons. Shame on me! I finally caught on. After a lot of prayer and humbling, I had to stop. I stepped back. I had to stop controlling the Lord's work. I was just supposed to be a tool in His hands, not the master. That's His job. And things didn't go how I wanted, but I'm the tool. I just had to stop. And we had amazing things happen. Amazing activities. Oh I love learning lessons, even if it's the hard way. Please refer me to this post next year when I'm freaking out again.

All in all it was a good week. My sweet husband surprised me and came into camp. It was awesome. I love when he does that. Except that it was 1am and he slept in the car. But he had a blast. The girls loved him. And I love him. I wonder when we'll start for next year. Haha

Then I had a down week at work since I was done working for one guy and was supposed to be working for the new people, but they wanted to wait until after all the vacations. So... I came to work. Sort of. I did bring my computer home, and I did work on stuff. Probably not 8 hrs of stuff, but I got my work done. Thank you. The only thing I can't get done requires a computer that's with IT and I have no control over that. Oh well. So I basically hung out with my brother while he was at our apt and worked on the computer stuff. Nice in between. Friday was hectic trying to get the last bit of work done and get ready for the beach and all that. Stress!

And then the beach. Oh the beach. I wanted to cry. Three years is too long. Way too long. I seriously feel rejuvenated. There's just something about the sun, the waves, the sounds, everything.  People would complain that there were loud people on the beach and I don't even notice. It all blends together in my head. And I was probably those annoying people once upon a time. Man I could write a million posts on the beach. Its my heaven. I missed it.

We had 17 people. Yup, in a 3 bedroom resort condo thing. Two full beds, two king beds, two couch beds and two blow up mattresses. We got the master bedroom the first three nights. Amazing ! Jacuzzi tub and our own bathroom, TV, everything. It was sweet. There wasn't that much drama as I thought with that many people, in that small of space. It's just so hard to coordinate so many wants. That was the frustrating part. And waiting. Ugh, so many wasted day light hours on waiting.  But it was a blast. The best vacation I've had in a while. I'll do the beach any day. Every day.

Wish I knew the people in the background tehe

So much love for this kid !

Ok so much for being brief about what I've been up to. I really had like a whole deep post I wanted to go into, but this seems long enough already.

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