Thursday, June 7, 2012

I spoke too soon

I guess I should wait until the end of the day to post things. Who woulda guessed. So I post about nothing changing, nothing getting done and blah blah. Come to find out the "mis-communication" is at an all time high.

So... apparently, things were agreed upon for me to switch and work on this science grant between my boss and one of the guys in charge of the college of science part. Well, they both thought the other guy was going to talk to me. Two weeks ago. And no one has said anything to me. So yesterday my "boss" asks the other guy if its going well with me. And he's like uh... I haven't heard anything, did you talk to her ? And they had this uh... oops moment. So thankfully someone finally came to talk to me. Offered me the position to "help" do whatever on this grant they have. And they've been told by the state to hire someone to help. That would be me.

So now I'm 50% with the College of Science being the "helper" and then 50% with MIIR (my current dept) but no one can seem to tell me what that means... According to the COS I'm full time available to help... but what about my 50% to MIIR? So hopefully I get the call I'm promised that will tell me how to manage my time, and what my 50% to MIIR will be. Cause no one seems to know. Will I stay working with the guy I currently work with? Just do this ordering? Or actual research? No one knows.

So it's so bitter sweet. Yay- I have a job, I keep my paycheck, no lapse in money, still have benefits, etc etc the list goes on and on. No- Im still at Marshall. Thats all for that. Which may not seem like much. But UGH they're so horribly ran, and I'm sick of all this mess and no one knowing anything because no one talks to anyone ! I really am happy to not be poor at the end of the month. I'm happy there's no down time, I really am. But for 1/2 second I want people to be like yeah that does suck. I had an end day. I was outta this place. But... that was taken away too. Dang you Marshall!!

So yay for jobs. Even though no one can tell me what any of it means. What to do from here. But hey, I'll just keep the programmed answer "at least I have a job"

Other than that, things are great ! Just as stressful as yesterday. Same old :] Just thought I'd update all my riveted fans on my current job situation ! Enjoy !

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  1. I MISSED THIS BLOG POST!! YAY FOR INCOME!! I am so glad that you guys will have $$ and not be stressed about that. Granted I know how much you dislike being at Marshall. It was great seeing you yesterday! SEE YOU SATURDAY :):):):):):)


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