Monday, July 30, 2012

Define my life

Frustrate verb definition: thwart, disappoint  synonyms: baffle, beat, conquer, dash one's hope, discourage, dishearten, give the run around, upset the apple cart.

My job frustrates me.

My job baffles me, beats me, conquers me, dashes my hopes, discourages me, disheartens me, gives me the run around (that's an understatement), my job upsets the apple cart. I had to put a little humor in there.

Anytime I try to be upbeat, try to be positive, something else comes and "dashes my hopes." I'm really not as "boo hoo" as I'm saying in this post. I'm mostly exhausted. I just don't care anymore. Sometimes I just need to say something because no one understands. No one gets this job, the crap I've been put through. Even if I had the time to tell the story, I can't convey the emptiness I feel walking down these halls that I once looked forward to each morning. It meant progress, learning, science !

So this isn't a pity party. It's just me, venting, to a blog that I can reread later and understand those feelings I've had for 10 months now... goodness. It's been 10 months.

Here's to a new month. Maybe things will start to look up in August. Crazy it's almost August.

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  1. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, GIRL!! At the end of this long hurricane there will be one heck of rainbow!!


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