Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two weeks in a row!

Not too shabby if I say so myself. I find myself going through the week looking for stuff to remember to share later. Usually I forget them. But oh well. It makes me notice things more. It's fun.

So there's a lot going on in my head. So many decisions. I wish I could just make one big one, and not have to do anything else for a while. Just live off that decision... too bad. So I feel bad for being a downer but I've been working in this new lab for about two weeks. I know, two whole weeks Haley, keep your mouth shut. But it's a joke. I wish I could draw a diagram so you could understand the chaos that is my job. So I'll use words you don't know, but just pretend and nod like you know what I'm saying. If you really want to know what stuff means, just ask.

So from day 1 I'm working with Dr Wang. But during vacation, she emails me and says ask Dr Norton what I'm doing. He then tells me I'm working with Molly on her project (I love Molly, btw. We have too much fun. It's probably not allowed but it makes time go by so much faster). I figure I'm working on her stuff since she's a student volunteer who's leaving at the end of this week (tear) and then I can just pick up where she left off. Sounds great so far. Then later that day, oh never mind, you're new priority is going to be this grant project that should have been done years ago...uh, ok. Fine by me. I don't care what I'm doing as long as I know what I'm doing. So Paula & I are on this grant project and we'll do it and it will get done in a month-ish and then NEXT. Except we don't know how to do this. Apprently no one does. Apparently those who have "done" it don't know how to do it. And change their story every other day. "It worked last time" or "This never worked! It's a waste" so... what have you been doing for 2 years with these people's money? Who knows. And it's like everyday is up in the air: are we doing the experiment? are we not? are the calculations done? are they not? we need to order something, is it here yet? seriously? one week for one experiment. It should be 1 day for 1 experiment. No joke. Whatever.

I really do like the project I'm working on with Molly. Except no one can give me straight answers about how things work, primers, PCR, rolling circle, etc. Come on! You people have been doing this for-EVER how don't you know how it works. I'm the kind of person that needs order, that needs clear instructions and needs information if you want me to understand. I mean, I can just be a lab monkey and follow protocols and plug along. If something goes wrong I'll be clueless and have no way of analyzing and troubleshooting. I'd love to do that. "No thinking required" but that's not what you want from me. You want me to think, to deduce, to figure stuff out. How can I when I only have parts of the puzzle. Arg.

So with that set up. I need a new life plan. Cause this won't work for 2 years (less than!) and there isn't much popping up.  So my dear friend Sammy said she gets her tuition paid for by Rutgers as long as she works full time. Silly me, I promise I read when I first started that Marshall would cover one class for me while I work full time if it was relevant to my job. Scratch that. I don't want anymore bio classes (This is a lie now. I'd love a refresher. I'm so dumb to this stuff now!) After some research, guess what ! As long as I've worked past the probationary period (which I have) I'm eligible for tuition waver.. Say What ! I sent some emails out and am waiting on info. So we shall see. I'd really love to get into that masters program (not sure if I've said anything about it) but briefly, sorry if I repeat, it's a masters program to get your teaching cert. if you already have an undergrad degree, which I do. So bio/science teacher it is (yuck, math please?). And its I think 39credit hours and that's doable in less than 2 years, which is what Chris has left. Tada ! New life plan :] unfortunately I'm too late to get into the program this fall, but spring is just around the corner. Hopefully, I'll hear back from info people and get something going. In the mean time I'm looking at silly classes to take this fall if I can: mythology, art history, spanish, stuff I couldn't ever take when I was undergrad cause I had a crazy intense science schedule.

The only downfall, is putting so much on hold if I have to work full time and classes full time. Not fun. So we'll see what the people say. Hopefully I only need to work certain hours (less than full time, please!) and then I can get the tuition help, but who knows. I love how things work out. And they don't just simply work out. Previous post: gotta love His plan :] He definitely knows what He's doing in my life. God answers prayers in three ways: Yes, No, or I have something better.

Why didn't I get that other job that would have been amazing! I kicked and screamed and cried. Why am I still at Marshall ! If this works out, maybe that's why... I wouldn't have had a way to pay for it if I left this job. Maybe I need this teaching cert for the future. Who knows. I don't. So I'll just keep doing what I do.

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