Friday, August 12, 2011

Oops ! Been a while

Sorry ! Every time I'd remember to update, it was in the middle of something else. And then life is just too busy to do anything !

So, it's already halfway through August. What is that ! I want summer back. Summers don't feel like summers when you're a grown up. I don't even think we have done much, which is depressing.

Lets see, after Chris was done with school we went to Utah for a funeral, Madison graduated, Brenda and the kids and eventually Anthony came out to visit. We had Girls Camp in there. Chris hates when I go because its a week of paid time off and we don't use it on some cute little romantic get a way. I was in charge of the counselors and the camp devotionals with Angel. It was intense. I kept thinking Chris was going to jump up and surprise me again like he did last year. But he didn't. And the week went wonderful too.  Then Hill Cumorah and more work. Pretty much hasn't been a super eventful summer ! I'd like to see the beach again someday. My insides die from being away for so many years !

So now its August. Back to school, Maddie and Chris' bdays. We blew up tons of balloons and put them in her yard. It was fun. And got her a piggy bank of sorts :] Madison leaves soon too. It's not fun to think about. Chris talked about her so much when we lived in Utah that I don't know what he's going to do or what I'm going to do. She's amazing and I adore her. She's my BFF out here and she's leaving me !! However, I have probably looked into moving out to Utah more than people know. Checked out jobs, schools for Chris... If only...

But in the mean time, we still have a joint bday party Monday ! Should be fun. My hubby's growing up ! He'll be a big 2-3. Oh boy ! haha He's so little. I hope I can find him a present, even though his iPad was supposed to cover a few years of that. I wonder if school supplies count. His birthday is one day before he starts classes. I'm excited because year 2 will be underway. He hates school.  RIght now his hobby is teaching Daisy tricks. SHe's getting the hang of heading to the door to go outside to potty, but he can teach her like 6 tricks in one day. Really..? So I know she's smart.  We made a video of her skills last night:

And as far as church goes, it's the same old. We finally got a Bishop ! Only about two months I think. So now empty callings will get filled. I only have one technically, so I cringe. Chris doesn't have any, so anytime the 2nd counselor calls, he dreads answering. I can hear the change in his voice once he realizes the call isn't about getting a calling. It's amusing. And a family moved into the ward, and the wife plays piano ! Yay ! They finally have a person that can be the Primary Pianist ! Or any of the other pianist :] I'm afraid they'll call me to ward choir director and make her play. Our last choir director is in the Bishopric. Yay Robert !

So that's all in the life of us right now. But it's Friday ! TGoshIF. I wish weekends wouldn't go by so fast. Dang you time !

Us decorating the yard at 7am for Maddie !

Her loving her yard full of balloons at 730am :]

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