Sunday, July 24, 2011

So I have some down time before I have to be somewhere. So the thought occurred, hey you should update, ya know, make one post into two !

Sundays are usually my favorite days. They used to be my favorite when they were actually a day of rest. Not so much anymore. We always have somewhere to be, which I secretly love, but definitely miss. Chris is asleep on the couch, so he'd say they still are days of rest ! I had a talk today. There were only two speakers, which meant my talk had to be long. Ugh, when did I become a grown up and have to have a 15+ minute talk ! Make it stop ! I don't want to be a grown up anymore. This was also our first time back to church since Chris dyed his hair black [we were geeks and dressed up for HP and he was Harry Potter for the premiere, hence the black hair] and it was fun to see everyone's reactions. They keep thinking that he's his older brother. Who lives in Arizona. How does that work?

I thought about giving a brief "our first year" kinda thing, with only the highlights. And I guess kind of where we are now.

We got married. Moved to WV. He worked like crazy. I didn't. We had a puppy for a few days. Had to give it back. Talk about depressing ! I started working at the Disney Store. Love it ! He started school. Normal life stuff. We got a sugar glider named Zoe. She's different and adorable. I started work at Marshall. Yay for using my degree! Nothing to exciting for a bit. Chris started his own lawn service. He likes being his own boss. I went from Primary teacher, to Primary Presidency, to Achievement day leader and whatever else they need. Chris broke his arm. Chasing a dog, its a great story. We got a sweet little puppy a few weeks ago. Daisy. I love her. She's tiny. And that's kind of where we are.

No babies. None really anytime soon as far as I know. Our puppy is fine for us. We like being us and our own little family.

We went to Palmyra last weekend to see his family in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. That was a blast. Except the driving part. That about killed us. But seeing the sights and seeing his family after three weeks was nice. I love being there. Knowing everything that happened in that place. I love the First Vision and all that it means. The faith Joseph Smith had. It's such a wonderful feeling to walk around the Sacred Grove. I love being there.

We also got to go to his cousin Angela's Endowment session :] That was a really great experience. We haven't been to the Temple in a looong time. I hate it. But it was wonderful to be in the Temple with my husband, and pretty much his mom's whole side of the family. I wish there was always that much family at the Temple.

I want to start working out tomorrow. We'll see how that works out. Chris says he'll start working out with me when he starts seeing results. I don't think that's very fair. We eat a lot and it's not been very good to us. I almost wish I was pregnant so I'd have an excuse to be bigger ! How horrible am I ! We always joke about being hot for eachother. We need to be better at that.. !

I think I'll leave this post with that. I don't want to get rambley because I will !

Have a happy Pioneer Day ! Remember what they did for us and try to be like them! It's what my talk was about today! So I'm in the zone !! It's almost August. Boy does time fly !

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