Thursday, July 21, 2011

First post !

I think first posts are always exciting. Hopefully all posts stay this exciting.

I've been thinking about doing this blog for along time. I like keeping up with friends who just got married, and all the adjustments and such. But my life was a little crazy (as I'm sure everyone's is) and there was no time to blog. Then the title hit me: One year down, Eternity to go. Sweet ! There's the name of my blog! I don't have to tell you about how fun it is to be married, all the crazy things we learned about each other, the silly little things that drove us nuts. I can skip the all that stuff.  You get to jump right into the good stuff !

I've decided I like reading people's blogs, and MAYBE they might like reading mine. I can't promise that Chris and my life is anything special, but it is to us, and maybe you might find something in our lives too.

So a little more, then it's time for bed, because this dang thing took to long to customize !

Chris is my wonderful husband and I am his wife [hopefully he'd say wonderful back]. We've been married a little over a year and its definitely been a roller coaster. But who doesn't like roller coasters? All that matters is once the rides stopped, you still wanna get right back on, sitting with the same person?

We live in WV, woo ! He's going to school and working and I work. And work. Besides church and his family, that pretty much wraps up our life. Told you it was interesting. We'll be here probably another 3 years, then we're off to the Air Force. Chris wants to fly BIG planes, and he will. Because I have a determination that people don't mess with. Oh yeah, and it's been his life long dream. From there, ten long years later, he'll be done, and we'll find somewhere to live, and he'll keep flying big planes, just not for the government. Can we say flight perks?? I can't wait. I love flying. And visiting people.

So far, thats it. Talk about a future plan. We've got... the next 14-ish years planned. How crazy! Considering we never have further than a week planned.

How much more details can I give you before you fall asleep??
We got married in the SLC Temple <3 I miss it there everyday. Pictures of it usually make me cry. The Temple really can be and should be our second homes.  Oh yeah, we're LDS [just in case you didn't catch that]. We love it. Being members of this church as helped us in our lives now and before we were married. It's made us into the people we are and will help us be the people the Lord wants for us. And how exciting that we get to help eachother.

Being married is pretty awesome. I highly recommend it.
Keep reading. Who knows what might happen in our lives. But we have another day done, and a lot more to go.

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