Monday, August 22, 2011

While I have some time !

Oh life ! You never cease to amaze me. So much has been happening, if its only in my head. Crazy-ness !!

Found out that my boss is leaving, taking his research with him. I'm not losing my job, but it does create a lot of uncertainty that no one really likes. Chris mentioned going to away to work, but... that quickly disappeared on Thursday. Met with Bishop, he's been a busy guy, getting all these open callings filled. Arg.. Anyways, I'm now the 2nd Counselor in the RS Presidency. I'm serving with 3 wonderful women that I can't wait to learn from. They are so amazing. And I already adore them ! I'm excited to get to know the women better and serve them and learn to love them. It should be a really great experience for me. I wanted to learn about Christ-like love and seeing through the muck of choices people make, and loving them, and I think this is just what the doctor (Or the Lord) ordered.

It's Chris' bday today. I wish we had something huge planned. But we don't. I keep thinking I want to come up with something. But I only have the time I'm at work, and unfortunately, I've got to work. I hate just doing dinner, and home watching a movie. That's boring ! We shall see. Probably won't be more than that.

I've discovered Photoshop Actions. LOVE THEM ! I like taking pictures, but don't know anything about editing them, which is like 70% of photography (I think, you can get horrible pictures, but with some editing magic, they are wonderful!) So I had fun editing a couple's pictures Angel and I took the other day. Tracy loves them. It makes me happy. I like to pretend I have some type of talent. I'm wondering if she's going to get a photographer for the wedding @ the DC Temple. Too much pressure. But I'd love to follow someone around. I keep thinking Chris likes pictures too. Maybe I can pose/take, he can take/edit. Tada. Family business.

And I decided to come up with my fake LDS book store I want to open one day. I'd love to do it. But unless a temple gets built here soon, I don't see it being very profitable. But we're waiting until the day, and then will snatch up property and build. I've already looked into it. But I thought of the name "Words of Wisdom" How awesome ! I thought it was pretty sweet. But Chris isn't a fan. Oh well !

We went to the Columbus Temple Saturday. It was nice. I love being there with my husband. Even walked the grounds for a little bit. Found a cute little area for picnics and games and stuff. I love my husband and how much fun we have :]

And I don't know if we have anything else. I keep waiting for him to get a calling. Someday. Maybe he'll be in the YM's Presidency. He got a tip that his name was tossed around ! Hehe

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