Monday, June 3, 2013

The Practical Use of My Time

Since little man is sort of soundly sleeping in his swing right now, hey, why not post an update. Who needs to shower, eat, vacuum, or heaven forbid, put on a bra today. Too much? Welcome to my life :]

Life has been practically perfect in every way [which movie.. anyone? come on!] I must admit every day does kind of blend into the next, but honestly, there isn't much difference between them. I know all you moms and some dads probably know, and I knew it too. But I don't hate it like so many I've heard before have. I could sit and stare at my little Logan all day and probably do more than most. I'm starting to regret getting him out of his crib when he was sleeping too long just so he could sleep in my arms. Now he won't sleep in his crib during the day for more than 30 mins. Good job on that one. But things are going great. I'm dreading going back to work and not having him with me. I'm such a loser I even brought him with me to run from my in laws to my house [less than a mile] just to grab some piano music from my basement. A total of MAYBE 5 mins. But I haven't even left him, or been without him since he was born. We've been under the same roof for a month and I refuse to leave him until I have to. I feel foolish, but unless you have to go back to a full time job and want more than anything to be a stay at home mom, shut it. You don't understand.  I have no idea where this post is going.

I keep track of the days. Go me. Thank goodness for my paintchip calendar I made a while back. I glance at it at least once a day. Thankfully Chris works a pretty set schedule so I know it's either Monday Wednesday or Friday when he is working. Sundays I think are the only day where things are different. I make myself take a shower *at least* every other day. [Some may cringe at only every other day, but bite me. I've read some moms forget and go a whole lot longer. So high *5* me !]  I'm starting to hate my couch. I've made a dent. I live on it. I do try to get out. Maybe not everyday cause I'm not that ambitious and some nights are hard and I don't want to see the world. We'll go walk around the mall, visit daddy, maybe go to lunch with someone. I like that I've taken him out [a lot] before the typical 6 week mark. Chris thinks I'm going to kill him but I think he'll have a rockin' immune system like his mom. He's been to church 4 times, and once of those 4 was for all three hours. No one touched him needlessly, no one stole him from me [I know there's still time and I don't want beat someone at church... just doesn't seem appropriate] and he didn't scream and wail during the quiet moments. I know, again, there's still time for that.

All in all. Life is wonderful. Being a mom is wonderful. Don't hate me because I do have my moments where it's not all rose colored and I want to cry, or punch Chris or lock myself in a closet and disappear for a moment. But much like all the crappy parts of pregnancy and labor, I don't really remember them. I recall them, but they're not nearly as strong and piercing as all the wonderful things.

The cute smiles. The little laughs. The sweetest little noises he makes ALL the time. His super sweet fauxhawk. That sweet moment when he is staring at me and I know he's seeing me. When just me talking to him calms his fussiness. Oh being a mom. I know it only gets better from here. I know as he grows [which I want to slow down ! goodness where did a month go] things will only get better, and more fun and all that as he does new things and turns into a person instead of my coined phrase : a blob of a baby. And I can't wait. But for now, I'm content to be here when he wakes up, and feed him and rock him and snuggle and change him and repeat. I am a cow and maid in essence. But I'd never want to be anything else for anyone else.

I love my little one month old little baby boy.
^^^this is Heaven

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