Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy happy happy !

I was thinking about what to write about in my next blog post and all I really keep thinking in my head is "I'm happy." I just want to put that in a post and call it a day. There aren't words that describe what in my life is making me happy, how it's making me happy, etc etc.

Overall I love being a mom. I have enjoyed these last 6 weeks with my little guy. Just doing our thing. I'm sure if I kept going for months and months I might get a little stir crazy but I don't think so. Maybe because I don't have months and months... Just a little over 2 weeks. ::sob:: !!  Logan is such a good little baby. He's not doing so well at the moment. He's got a little tiny cold/allergy thing. Stuff nose, cough, sneezy... it's so depressing and pathetic sounding. And it's making him super cranky. And waking up all through the night. Poor little guy. But our pediatrician is awesome and I called at 9am concerned and was there at 11am talking to the doctor. And I got to talk to her about other things that I've been wondering about since I didn't want to wait another two weeks for my appt. So moral of the story: I love my son. I love being his mom. I love everything he does. Even our little fun times at 4am. He's the best thing in my life and I don't know what I'd do without him and how we waited so long.

Now for what's been going on. This last week or so has been insane. The Peers are in town [I LOVE THEM!] We finally got schedules worked out and they got to visit and now Lorien never wants to leave and I'm fine with that. We need them back. Let's make it happen people ! Katie and Carl got married <3 It was beautiful, she was beautiful, Carl cleans up nice ! I love weddings. Logan was my date and we got him all dressed up in a little suit onesie. It's fun all the attention he gets. He's such a cute baby. Congrats to Carl & Katie and starting their lives [hopefully] together. I wonder what she's doing... Katie?! Are you staying or leaving? Don't leave us !! Except you can, cause it's for your husband... Brenda & the kids are in town.  can't believe how much they've grown ! I love when they visit.  I miss seeing them !

Chris has been wanting to quit RadioShack. It's minimum wage so thats frustrating. They've lost 2 people and so its stressful. And I personally don't care for his manager. Double standards aren't cool sir ! BUT, a few weeks ago Nathan and Alix [Chris' cousin & wife] were telling us about a UPS job from 4am-9am and how Nathan was going to do it cause it's good money, early enough to not interfere with the rest of life, etc etc. And UPS pays good. Well Nathan can't do it with his 8am class. So I told Chris, applied him a week ago, he had an interview Monday, got "hired", finished forms and paperwork today, and will start the day after tomorrow. Yay for boxes and trucks and loading/unloading. 4am-9am. He'll get $1 raise after 90 days. I want a dollar raise... This is an INCREDIBLE blessing. He was just going to quit work all together and stay home to take care of Logan, and then just worry about daycare during class time. It was going to be an adjustment to lose his paycheck and live exclusively on mine, even though I make more than enough. But now, he'll be making more (!!) without his work schedule interfering with Logan or class. It's so perfect, I want to cry. Blessings!

Speaking of blessings, we were still struggling to find someone to take Logan during Chris' Tues/Thurs 9-12pm class. Not really sure what to do. Not really wanting to go with the lady we interviewed cause I got weird vibes, well, just didn't really feel 100% about her. But lovely Suzie from my church said she'd take him. She works at home and thought she'd have him full time (M-F 9-5) and when said it'd probably just be those 6 hours and maybe a few more during the week depending on Chris' workload in school... BUT HOW AWESOME! She said she isn't doing it for the money, she just wants to help and I just want to sit in a corner and cry. Denae is taking Logan for the 3 weeks in july I have to go back to work... which she might not have to now, since Chris is quitting RadioShack... But she's such a blessing. Suzie is an incredible blessing. UPS, this house. So many blessings.

And next week I get to hop on a plane with my little guy and fly west [oh how I miss thee!] and see my family. My mom is so excited. I can't wait for everyone to meet Logan. He's going to be so big, it's crazy! Did I mention he's 12lbs already ! Ah ! 0-3mos clothes mark 12lbs as the high end... Um.. dude, you're not even 2 months yet! Slow down ! It's going to be a fun trip. Stressful I'm sure. But fun. And worth it. I hope little guy is feeling better by then... sick baby + traveling alone = no bueno.

It really is incredible how many things have worked out for us. Obedience brings blessings. I promise. I know it. Give it a try and see. The Lord is just waiting to give you anything and everything to make you happy. All He asks is you follow Him and what He's commanded. Disclaimer: Chris and I are by no means perfect and doing everything. We miss scripture study ALL the time. I don't remember the last time we had family prayer. But we're trying. We try to remain worthy. We try to do these things we're supposed to do. It's the effort. The Lord knows your heart.

I just can't begin to explain how incredibly happy I am. Content.

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