Monday, June 24, 2013

My heart could explode !

No I do not have a heart disease. My heart is fine. In case you were some how worried by my title. If you even read titles. I stress more than I should about titles. Whatever.

Exploding heart = SUPER good.

I know in my last post I went on and on about how happy I am. Well, thankfully, that continues. To the point where my heart could explode. I've had my days. Ie, Chris and I had a long talk one night about each other and what we need from each other, which I think is good. We've been together 3 years [ and no where near figuring everything out ] and adding a new little person has definitely changed things. I love when him and I can talk things out. I'm still learning. I tend to bottle things and just get frustrated and shut down. But all in all, life is so good.

He starts at UPS tomorrow, bright and early, 530am. Fun. So he's been in bed for a few hours. And I fed the baby, and put him in his crib [ it's been a while. the bassinet is SO easy! ] and have just been sitting. Alone. Being me. Weird. We got these fancy baby monitors [cause our house is soooo huge (not)!!] but I think they make Logan's little sounds so much cuter ! He coos and babbles and it just sounds so perfect through this little speaker on the table. He's perfect.

I'm gearing up for my trip. Mentally. I have done NOTHING to actually get ready. Except for everyones blog tips on traveling with an infant. Mom asked for a list of things she needs to get before I get there: ie diapers, pack n play etc. And I have like 4 things on the list... I can't think of anything ! He really doesn't need much, except me. But thinking of being out there in a couple days gets me all giddy. I'm so excited for Logan to meet the other half of this huge family he just inherited :] He's adorable and they are going to eat him up ! Especially now that he's fun and talks and giggles and smiles. I love it ! And I'm excited for food lol Cafe Rio. In-N-Out... Tucanos if I can spare the money and calories. Ah, food.. I love thee !

I have two weeks left on my maternity leave. ::sigh:: I need to soak up every second. I can't imagine being away from my little guy !

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