Saturday, May 4, 2013

Then there were three!

I don't even know where to start ! Life has been [obviously] insane crazy with so much going on.  I bet you know what I'm talking about !

So yeah. I had a baby. A beautiful baby boy. A perfect little miracle and all those cliche things people say. There's a reason those are cliches and everyone says them. CAUSE THEY'RE TRUE !

Let's start from the beginning. I'm trying to think of a good way to chronicle this. I'm trying to avoid details and boring, and blah blah blahblahblahlkjdfslkjs.

Thursday May 2 I had my ultrasound appt to measure the baby, and decide what we want to do. He was measuring on schedule, but was approx. 8lbs 1 1/2 early. If we wait. Then what? Deliver a 10lbs baby !? AH !  Doc eventually decided that Monday we would induce and have a baby. AH. Where did my last week go?! So Thursday my lovely Sydney came and helped me finish things at the house. She helped fix/clean my dishwasher, finish arranging the baby's room, and basically get the rest of things put away and unpacked and cleaned. She's efficient. So it happened. Then we went to Iron Man 3 [love love love] and got home super late, I think finally to bed at 2am-ish... Lame.

And here is where the fun begins.

500am I woke up to pee [so I thought] and couldn't fall back asleep because I was having these crazy cramps. Not un-normal. I usually wait for them to pass and fall asleep before another hits. Oh, but these are happening to fast.
530am [I won't do times the whole post, cause I dont remember them all. so have no fear!] I'm breathing through these "cramps" and eventually wake Chris up [sorry baby!] and he's like oh crap, what's going on. are we going to the hospital.OMGosharewehavingababy?!?

So we start calling his parents, since his mom is one of my people and I wanted to ask her if I was having contractions. 5 phones, 2 ipods later NO ONE IS ANSWERING ! Everyone overslept and "didn't hear their phones" so around 7am we just show up, Chris sneaks into the house, wakes them up, drops of Daisy and off to the hospital.

Contractions are ~2/3 mins. Sweet.

Hospital says I am actually in labor. Yay. I'm not crazy! [Ok less details Haley ! Or this is going to go on forever!!}

Medicine makes me sick. Sweet. Contractions hurt. Took forever to get a room in labor and delivery. Stupid laboring women. Just kidding. I get in. Wait to get my epidural [cause I'm a rockstart, except that I'm not]. I wasn't really progressing fast so got my drugs [I am a HUGE fan of epidurals... seriously. no joke] break my water, lets get this show on the road ! Again, epidurals = love. Heavensent. Judge me all you want. It made the 14+ hours I was having contractions far more enjoyable.

So ~7am ish we checked in. 5pm (yes... PM) we're waiting on my doctor, cause I'm ready and all is good to go. Oh jk, he's stuck at the other hospital doing an emergency c-section on a breech baby. RUDE. THANKS BREECH BABY ! So we'll wait at least an hour... oh no, now my epidural is wearing off... great... more drugs [did I mention they make me sick... labor+contractions+throwing up... no good] wait.. and wait. over and hour... more drugs... waiting... OH NOW HE'S HERE ! I'm pretty sure it was about 630/645ish when they're gearing up and we're getting ready. I'm exhausted. I've been up since 530am. Got 3 hours of sleep. I haven't even done the hard part yet. LAME. But the doc is here.

Lets push.

Talk about the hardest thing ever. That is not an understatement. But also the most rewarding. It was exhausting. It was the best thing I've ever done in my life. I can't even describe the moment when they laid that perfect little boy on my belly. [my now empty belly... depressing!] He is beautiful. He's perfect. He's so sweet and I'm so glad we can keep him forever. He's been the best little baby the last two weeks and been so nice so I can figure out how to keep him alive.

Being a mom [ya know, since I've been doing it for so long] is the happiest I've been. I love it. I love just staring at this super cute little boy that we've made. It truly is incredible. I thought I'd had experiences that were amazing, or the best ever. But none of them come close.

This is what it's all about. 

Logan Nicholas. May 3, 2013. 7:22pm. 7lbs 13oz. 21in. My greatest blessing. 

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