Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our New Beginnings Come Unto Christ: Diamonds in the Rough 2014

We had our ward New Beginning's last night. We did the (typical, I'm noticing) theme of "Diamonds in the Rough" that I'm seeing everywhere.  I don't feel bad doing the same as a lot of other places, because the girls like glitzy glam stuff and its fancy, and it goes SO well with the youth theme this year of "Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him."  I love the idea of our hidden potential to become perfect beautiful diamonds if we come unto Christ, allow the trials and pressures of life work on us, and become shaped into something beautiful.

We invited all the parents, family members, and bishopric to come enjoy in this evening.  Of course we had fancy invitations that we handed out a few weeks prior and mailed to those we didn't catch at church.

Fancy schmancy! 

Then we set out to decorate the black and white and light pink the girls requested. We are so blessed to have wonderful sisters in our ward who have collected decorations over the years from weddings, and proms and whatever events and we got to pick and choose from their stash. So lucky ! And we came up with the following:

The program table. (Iron needed, I know!) Got the Theme print out here.

Absolutely loved the idea of the girls pictures surrounding Christ. They were excited to see their pictures and take them home.  This was probably my favorite part. 

The table post closing prayer. Excuse the mess :]

Oh and admire my awesome cupcakes I made. Um.. yummy? First time with fancy frosting and I love it!

The program was very simple. We didn't want a long program, hours into an already long Sunday. We had a talk by our YW President, introducing the theme for the night, Diamonds in the Rough, and talked about the diamond process and how we can relate this to Coming unto Christ.  We also had a talk by the YW Secretary who's over the Personal Progress and her talk was on... Personal Progress! And how we can Come unto Christ through Personal Progress. Which you can get more info here.

From here we turned the time over to the YW and they presented Jenny Phillips program "Come Unto Christ" which can be found on her website.  We just swapped out her music for ours, for time constraints of learning the songs and we have instrument talent we wanted to show case.

But we did have the girls learn and sing the theme song, Come Unto Christ (so good!) and an arrangement of I'm Trying to be like Jesus with a beautiful vilolin part, and a few more Christ related songs. 

After that we presented a homemade "Mormon Message" by yours truely (that I wanted to make for my faith project). We previously recorded the girls answering the questions: What does it mean to Come unto Christ, how do you plan to come unto Christ and how has/does Personal Progress help you come unto Christ? I then did some snazzy editing in iMovie (woo!) and smashed it all together and go this! 

You can also go to the YouTube link here!
All credit goes to the artists for their pictures & the song is the minus track of Come unto Christ.
It was so incredible to make this video. Being able to sit in on their testimonies and here their answers was amazing. I had to be very aware, because I'd get teary eyed but couldn't cry since sniffles wouldn't be easy to edit out of the video! 

We also made them tiles with cut vinyl (shout out to my awesome cricut!) and had each one for the girls. 

Simple. Nothing fancy. We just wanted something for the girls to take home. Tied to the back is a copy of the video I made in a little sleeve so they can keep it forever and watch it everyday, right girls?

All in all, it was a very stressful event. We had SO many mishaps along the way. Nothing big, but just one thing after the other. The poor YW president and I were so ready to rip our hair out. But by the end we knew it was just Satan trying to frustrate the whole evening and stop us from having this event. Which we knew the Lord wanted so we persevered and survived ! And loved it. So many stories and memories. 

Here's one for the road ;]

Oh that happened. ::shivers::

It was a wonderful night. With wonderful girls and the wonderful spirit. I loved seeing the girls showcase their talents and testimony. And hearing the rave reviews of the night from so many. I love being back in this calling !

Our beautiful girls !

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