Monday, February 10, 2014


I probably shouldn't update when I'm feeling frustrated. I'm afraid you'll sense the angst in my writing and it won't be fun. Well, I hope my normal writing is fun.

I just thought I'd put a quick update on here. Nothing big going on.

Logan is officially a crawler. Almost a week now. He just decided one day that he wanted to crawl. And then he did. No learning. No awkward attempts. Just mastered it. Bam. 24 hours and he's a crawler. He's so fast. He loves getting into the dogs water bowl. Great. But he loves his baths, so I'm not surprised he loves to splash in the bowl. He's stood twice in the last few days without holding on and just stood. No biggie. It was pretty intense except he didn't realize it. He just plops down. He loves when we try to get him to stand and he falls one way or the other. He giggles and laughs. Its amusing. Did I put he got his first full hair cut? It was a few weeks ago. Chris did it while I was a church one day. I came home and it was gone. He did ask permission. But I didn't realize he was actually going to do it. Logan grew like 2 years in a matter of 2 hours. It was sad.  But he's so cute.

Long shaggy before hair

it's all gone ! He looks so much bigger. Crazy !

 He's 9 months. Had his check up. Not quite 20lbs which kills me, cause I would have sworn he was. He's taller than he is wide. So that explains why all his shirts come up over his belly. That fat little belly. Which is why i love him in footie pjs. I don't have to worry about the bottom of clothes coming halfway up his leg, or his shirts riding up over his belly. And had his second flu shot. So sad. Poor kid. Not excited for his 1yr check up when he gets stuck with all kinds of stuff. His sad little face. I can't take it. But that's all thats new with him. He's not walking quite yet. He loves walking along the furniture. He discovered his walker toy he can walk behind, since he's only ever climbed up on in and played with the activity front part of it. Now he likes to get it and walk all over the living room. He walks crooked. Like he's drunk. Silly kid. He doesn't like food. Well, real food. He eats all his jarred food and then some. But give him the real version of what his mashed food is, he hates it. Spits it out, makes the grossest face. I hope this kid isn't on jars forever.

Chris applied for graduation last week. Since the deadline was Friday. Nice. I am excited about that. He's on schedule. Should be fine as long as he passes all class. He said he's pretty sure he can get all D's this semester and still graduate with an air force acceptable GPA. Woot. He talked to a recruiter for the Air National Guard in Charleston. They have a pilots position open there. Chris wants it. So he got all the info, just needs to start working on that. Ie, studying for the tests, physicals, reference letters, etc. We may be west virginia-ers a few years longer. Who knows.

Chris got me a Nexus 7 tablet for my early Valentines present. I'm excited to use it. I don't really know what to use it for. Most anything I can do on it I've been using my phone for, so it seems redundant so far. Except when I have to teach church, then it will be wonderful, since the new curriculum is online and printing it all is a pain and just having it there on this cute little tablet will be lovely.

Life has been pretty hectic. I'm kind of at my end. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I'm just tapped out. I'm not tired, in that I'm not sleeping. But just so much. All the time. I can't. I mean I can. But it feels like I can't. There's just always something. And I'm not handling it well. I know it will be over soon. I know I should be positive and have that optimistic outlook and blah blah blah. And I will. But not right now. Let me be cranky, and moody and eat chocolate every night. I keep thinking this is a challenge for me. I've been just going through the motions lately. Not really into what ever it is I'm doing. And a few times, I've been thinking about how to challenge the Young Women to follow the theme for this year "Come Unto Christ" and then I think about what I am or can be doing to do that as well. And maybe that's what this is. Unfortunately, it's not until we're tired, lost, broken, forsaken, alone that we turn to our Savior. And maybe I am not being a good example to the YW and this is going to push me to be.

At least thats what I'm going to tell myself while I'm dealing with stuff.

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