Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello Spring... I hope

So a month flew by. No joke. Where did it go? How is it almost the end of March ! ah ! I'm too busy for my own good.

I'm sure not much has been going on and that's why I haven't updated. Or that's what I tell myself.

Chris only has like 4 or 5 weeks of actual class left. What !! So excited. He went and had to register for graduation, and sign up for all this weird stuff, and got his tassel. It was fun. SO excited. Except I'm not because he's probably leaving me the day after graduation to go to Arkansas for work. COOL. (sarcasm, in case you don't get that) But there's a LOT of money potential. And... yeah that's all the positives I can give you. Money. So we'll pretty much pay off debt and then some, in the perfect scenario. But I won't have a husband for 3 months. I'll be a single mom. A single working mom. Ugh. Shoot me now. I think we have Logan's daycare sorta taken care of, possibly. And that was my biggest concern. Especially since it was going to be at least $2500. So yay for that problem gone. Other than that there are just negatives. He may or may not make it to Maddies wedding. Which sucks. He is probably not going to come to Utah. No, he's not coming. No probably. Not coming to San Diego. Not going to be here in general, anniversaries, birthdays. Luckily he'll be here for Logans, or I'll kill him.

Logan time. Happy time. He hasn't been sleeping super well. Yay for me. ie last night he went to bed at 930, up at 11 but right back down. Up at 1230, fed and back down. Up screaming at 130... and we're up. Screaming. Finally i lay in our bed with him listening to lullaby music and at some point before 230 he fell back asleep, sideways. And we tossed and turned all night. Joy. And every day has been insanely busy and I'm tired. But do I get a break? or a nap? nah... moms don't do that right? Other than sleep, he's adorable. Growing so fast. He's so close to walking. He'll reach for something and be a step away and start to step but panic and just fall log a chopped down tree into the couch, or us or whatever he was going for. So close to taking steps. And he looooves screaming. Anytime he's excited, high pitched ears bleeding screams. So funny. He LOVES water. LOVES LOVES LOVES. Anytime a faucet is on, he comes crawling and screaming. He has to play in it. Can't just watch it. He's started to try and climb over the edge of the tub, lifts his fat little leg, not quite high enough thank goodness. And he just plays and plays in the tub. Flops around, splashes, belly to back, and falling all over. He's such a fun kid. Just not last night.

Had to get in the water at Angel's Bday dinner. 
And then screamed when he had to get out.

We bought a fancy DSLR camera with some of our tax money. Ugh. So much money. We've talked about one for years. And finally caved. Because we keep talking about it. We really do want to use it and get good. And I know it's a thing right now, but it's been a thing I've wanted to do since high school, but I'd love to have a little thing on the side and do family shoots, seniors, babies, engagements. I'm too scared to ever say weddings. But maybe one day when we're good enough :] We've just messed around with taking Logan's pics and two senior ones. And for every 20 shots I think there's one perfect one. Not bad. For beginner with no training. Just reading online and getting out there. Hopefully one day it will be for every 20 shots there's only one bad one !

And that's my life right now. Work is always the same. Getting excited for our conference in San Diego next month ! Summer will be interesting. At least I have Utah at the end of May (my mom's getting married! Yay!!) And then a little loop through the east coast from DC to NJ to NY back here. Weddings. Two. In a row. Fun fun ! And then getting my husband back. So far I have nothing going on in June, if anyone has anything they want me to come to lemme know !

I'll write more later when its not 11:54am and I'm starving. Toodles !

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