Tuesday, October 29, 2013

If I only had a brain...

Well, that last post I thought I had written and posted has been sitting in draft limbo for um.. about a week. Good times. So I just finished the story (sort of, there's a lot more to it, whatever) and posted it. And now in more recent news :]

My baby will be 6 months next week. Weird. I can't believe he's 1/2 way to a year. He's still so little, but getting so big. Everyone loves him, strangers, my boss, co-workers, anyone. It's fun to have such a cute happy baby. He really is adorable. So, to capture his adorable-ness, we go get family pictures (FINALLY!) I love pictures. I've had our outfits purchased for like a month.

So cute right?

Excited. Even had a cute little hat for Logan that inspired the outfit picking. Scheduled for Sunday (yesterday) after church. I'm all stressed since we get out of church at 230pm that we'd lose sunlight so we left early straight from church. And I had to have everything ready before hand. Not just for church, but for everything ! Ah. Outfits. Makup. Hair stuff. Baby stuff. I even brought stuff for lunch. And had dinner in the crock pot. Go me. Seriously thought I had it all down. So proud. FORGOT HIS HAT ! AHHH. So Mad. That's really all I forgot tho. OH and got home, took a nap from such a busy day, and the stupid crockpot wasn't even on. Like it was on, and plugged in, but... not heated. Not sure why. Stupid thing. We were starving. Ugh. Lame.

So pictures. Ashley Draper is too fun. I love it. She's had beautiful property. Unfortunately it's been rainy so there were a few bare trees that used to be pretty and colorful. Oh well. It's still pretty. I think we got some good shots. She took a ton of pictures. And we went all over. It was a bit chilly so I was worried about Logan. He was a little cranky. So sad. He's such a happy baby too ! We could not get a smile out of him. Well we could, but not facing the camera. Ugh. He has the cutest smile. It's adorable, takes up his whole face. Come on kid ! I'm excited to see them though. We got to play with a deer. Like a real live deer. Ashley has one that wanders around the woods and comes back to her house to eat in the morning and at night. She rescued it when it was a baby so it's all domesticated. It was a lot of fun. She's so soft and fuzzy :] And Logan was reaching for her. It was super cute. I can't wait to see the pictures. I love pictures.

What else has been going on. Work has been work. I wish more stuff was going on. We work. The end. We're getting, or trying to get, our San Diego trip set up. I love planning. Especially trips. Especially trips I don't have to pay for. We get to stay at the Hilton, very nice. Right on the bay. So excited. So much money. Ah. I get stressed seeing how much its going to cost. But yay for going to Cali, seeing the temple, the beach, hopefully sneaking away to see Maddie ! Can't wait.

Church life has been hectic. There are lots of changes. No, I'm not getting released. At least not that I know of. I love serving in the RS presidency. I like my little niche. Which means things are going to get shook up. I have had to scramble with teaching schedules and randomly filling in. Which turns out ok because it's good practice for me to come up with a lesson. Then I got an assignment to speak at Stake Conference. Yikes. I wanted to melt into the floor. And it was at the adult session. I guess I'm an adult. Ugh. I got to talk about the Work of Salvation and the Family. Maybe I'll make my talk into a post and share it, maybe. Probably not. I should. And then I just got done with that what like a week or so ago. All that stress and craziness and now I've got to start working on my lesson for Relief Society. So much ! Thankfully I always think about my topics for forever and practically write my lessons before I actually sit down to write them. I'm excited for this one. Mostly because I kind of came up with this topic. I have some people in mind that need to hear it. But those people are never around. Or they don't pay attention. We'll see. Hopefully the lesson comes across well.  I really can't complain about having so much to do with church. Really? How better to spend my time then pondering these topics, listening to conference talks, or searching the scriptures for material.

What else... Thanksgiving is coming up. I'm pretty dang excited. I have a few little traditions I want to do. Yay for having babies. And since Chris is leaving UPS I'm pretty sure we'll be able to go to NJ!! AHH ! So excited. It's probably going to be a pain to drive that long with Logan. Or it will be cold. Or stormy. I bet Chris will have snow removal and we won't end up going. Ah. I'd cry. I need some Wawa. Hot turkey bowl. Yummy. And boardwalk love. And I need to meet the future Mr Taylor Cadiente. I can't believe my little Tay is engaged. Ugh I feel old. Can't wait for her! Marriage rocks.

I can't really think of anything else going on in my life. My brain is fried. I stayed up too late.  

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