Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Warning: Rant Coming

Oh blog, what would I do without you? Probably punch someone. Or the wall. Or yell at someone. Or the wall.  Spoiler alert: I'm about to go off. You've been warned. The following is for my own ventilation (haha) and if its enjoyable, your reading enjoyment.

So enjoy.

Once again, my boobs are a hot topic at work. BOOBS. UGH. Why, why oh why ! The saga continues. Luckily I missed this actually going down but I'm still pretty heated either way.

Recap: I pump. My breasts, for all you prudes out there, get over it. We all know this. I had a baby. I feed that baby... any questions? Ask your mom. Everyone had decided I was going to use Carla's office because she so graciously offered it to me and that's pretty much all I'm going to get. When I talked to the dept. head's wife before taking this to HR to get something more proper, she didn't seem like using Carla's office was all bad. But then again, she's not the one using it. I am. It's awesome being in someone else's space all exposed and, its just awkward. Waiting for a knock on the door, or someone (ie Carla) trying to come in. I digress. So that was the "agreed" upon arrangement. Well, a few days last week Carla was out of town. Didn't let me know. I have no way to get in the office. What to do? Um... I gotta pump. SO back to the lab I go. Cause really? What are my other options on this floor full of ZERO options. For 2 days I just pumped in the lab again because my boss doesn't care. MY BOSS DOESN'T CARE. Unless Mr. Bad Day is around, and he wasn't. Well yesterday, I picked up my bag and walked on over to Carla's office to find out once again, it's locked. Turn around and start my ticked off walk BACK to the lab. This time I put the little "no boys allowed" sign on the door in case my boy co-worker Bill comes back to the lab.  Pumped. Went to lunch. No harm no foul. Or so I thought.

I came in late today because Logan had a check up (he's doing awesome btw, probably because I'm such a diligent breastfeeder!!!!) Anyways. Someone, who we will call... Diana (tehe) decided to go tattle to my boss. She had a few things, not just me pumping in the lab. But just wanted my boss to be aware that I was still pumping in the lab so she didn't get in trouble... Really? Are you REALLY concerned for Piyali? REALLY!?!?! Doubt it. Cause if Diana was concerned, she'd have talked to me. Cause she's on my level. You don't outrank me! Who do you think you are that you can go above my head and tell on me? I SO want to go over and say well, Carla's outta town... so can I use YOUR office, since you know, you're so concerned with this problem... What. The. Heck. Again. Why does someone care SO much about me brestfeeding/pumping. Why is this everyone's freaking concern? It's already a challenge. I already want to quit everyday except I feel like the most selfish person. So I keep on, because last I check being a mommy isn't about what I want. And then stupid crap like this keeps happening. Really?

Email has been sent to the Department Head. I'm back to being hyped up about this. Bring it on. Told him I need to meet with him about me pumping and a place (awkward much?) and I am fully prepared to address Diana and her "concern" and pretty much want to throw her under the bus.

She also complained that my co-workers weren't working because they were sitting in the lobby eating the donuts that Bill brought in this morning. And who wants to stand in the hallway eating when you can sit on the comfy couches in the lobby. And, since she's so lab conscientious she should know you can't eat in the lab.

I want to yell in her face. Or actually politely ask for her problem solving skills and she can speak her first words to me and tell me where the heck I should pump.

The End. Well not really. We'll see what happens when Dr. Rankin comes back (he's no at work, yippee) and I talk to him about this. In the mean time, I will be pumping. Just so you guys aren't on edge about my body and what I'm doing with it.

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