Monday, October 28, 2013


My apologies. I really shouldn't keep anyone waiting to read the interesting stories of my life. It has been a whole month since my last post. So sorry.

Not much has really been going on. Sorry to disappoint.

Chris is having fun this semester. It's been his first actual hard semester. He's never really had high demand classes, or if he did, it was one class, or only for an assignment or two. Well, it's all caught up to him. It's sad because I can't help for anything. I don't know about programming, or Java, or blah blah blah I can't even tell you words. And he's wanting to stay up late to do homework, cause me and Logi are such a distraction. But with work at 5am, he can't. He doesn't do well off of no sleep. Me, I can get 4 hours and hit the ground running all day. Eventually it will catch up to me, but for the time being... He can't do that. So it's become a balancing act. And sadly, he's cutting UPS. No more early morning job for him. I'm sad because it was the PERFECT job. Sort of. He hated most of the people, and honestly hated getting up, but once he was up he was fine. The actual work wasn't too bad. The pay was good. The hours were amazing ! It's so sad. So now, we just have to make sure he's working every Saturday for family. Which is sad. I loved having our lazy Saturdays, or running errands like a little family. No more. But it should pretty much cover the money we'll lose from UPS. Especially since they have to take out union dues now. Ugh. So here's to big scary steps. Like quitting jobs. I hate money. 6 months & 20 days til graduation. I know we'll miss the simplicity of this time, but I'm ready for my husband to not hate his place in life and get on to making his dreams happen.

Ok. The end of that part.

Baby ! So Logan is the cutest thing. He's actually quite pitiful right now. He's got a little cold, so he coughs and its so sad, and sneezes and his eyes get all watery and he's all stuffy and has a runny nose, magically at the same time. But he's still adorable. He's rolling from back to belly like a champ. Just figured out he could go the other way and looks so confused when he goes from belly to back. He's been on his veggie solids for about a week. We've dived into sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. Yummy. Not so much. But I've gotten no resistance from him. He likes them all. He even knows what to do when the spoon is coming at his face. Open mouth, don't grab with hands. He's getting so big ! He also has his first little tooth popping through. Poor guy. Can't feel good. But its this teeny tiny tooth on the bottom. I wish that would be it and he'd stop drooling. He soaks his clothes and it can't be comfy to have wet clothes with this weather getting colder. What else. He still talks up a storm. Eats everything (thanks stupid teeth) and loves his mommy and daddy. I love coming home to his little smiles, well big smiles. Its the best part of my day.

OH fun story. Might be TMI for some people, but I don't think so. Get over it.

So I work. I know you know. Oh and I have a baby. Newsflash: I breastfeed. Oh no. I said it. Breasts ! AHH. K, got that outta your system? So, when I'm at work, guess what? I have to pump. Usually we kick the boys out, put a no boys allowed sign on the door and I sit at my desk. All us girls don't care, we work on the computer. There are no experiments going on, nothing gross or life threatening. Our lab is a pretty clean place believe it or not. So sounds good? Cause ya know, I don't work at the hospital where they have rooms for this stuff, or a school, or where ever. This system works pretty well. I hated kicking the boys out. But whatever. Well, we had our random lab inspection the other day with the Chief Safety Officer (sounds official right? we call his Mr. Bad Day, cause he sucks and always gives memos/write ups for the dumbest things). He comes in at no other time than, PUMPING TIME ! Fast forward a little, Katie (my co worker) is going to jump on his and rip him to shreds and he proceeds to tell us the lab probably isn't the best place and "we'll find a better place." Ok, you do that. Lemme know in this science building thats pretty much full, of labs, where I can pump. That day we talked to a lady on the floor who says I can use her office (super nice of her right?) to pump. She's never in it. Just go in lock the door and she'll get the hint. I feel bad. She's only ever needed in there once while I was in there, but even that. It's not my space. I'm bored (suck it up I know!) I used to be able to get work done for that 30mins at my desk. Mr Bad Day's suggestion... they have rooms for that over in the Student Center. Ok. It's not like that building is next door. It's 10-15min walk across campus. Everyday. Twice a day. With my awkward heavy pumping bag. And what about in January when its 15 degrees out... Would YOU walk across campus taking 15 mins to walk there, 30 mins to pump and 15 mins back? Twice? 2 hours?! Stupid man.

The end.

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