Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trying to stay busy !

So there's kind of been a lot going on. I think this is the first week that I don't have something every night, even though I have a lot I need to be doing. It's just nice to have a blank week on my calendar. I've started week #2 at the new job. I forget if I posted anything about it before. I didn't really have anything to say yet, so probably not. So far, I love it. I will hopefully keep loving it. It's kind of slow right now, which I guess is good, since being the new guy in a fast paced environment is exhausting. And I'm already exhausted. Mostly we're finishing edits for a paper to submit. So I get down time, to update my blog :] and get to help edit the paper. Which I do really love because it gives me such a good background into the research this lab does. Otherwise it takes forever to play catch up. But the people I love. We have normal conversations about normal things. I love it. They're all pretty cool kids. And some of the students are new (-ish) so I don't feel so far behind. Yay new jobs!  On the downside, last Friday they took our employee parking lot. Evil Marshall people. So we're all crammed into half of the student lot. Which is full. All the time. Yay for walking forever from Stadium. It's really not far. It's like a 5 minute walk. And its nice for now while the weather's nice. But when it gets cold, and snowy and gross... I won't be so chipper.

Chris is almost done working. I know I shouldn't be too excited about this, but he's been so busy between local grass stuff, and the 7-11 jobs he got for his dad that make him work sun up to sun down. It's such good money though, so I'm really honest-to-goodness not complaining. But it will be nice when him and I can actually spend time together, and I don't know, go on a date since he won't have to be up at 630 the next morning. We only have a few more months of this ! I gotta take advantage of us time !

On the baby front, not much going on. Still back and forth feeling great and then feeling really not great. It's so sucky. But into week 11, I'm hoping it all disappears in a few weeks. Hello 2nd trimester! So weird... I can't even think straight about that. I still haven't "felt" pregnant, besides the exhaustion, random nausea and sickness, oh and missing that monthly reminder. But really, I don't feel different, minus my crazy moods (according to Chris) and emotional and SO forgetful! Ah ! I used to be a genius! So it will be nice when next Thursday I get to see my little Peaches (finally!) and hear that wonderful heart beating (finally!). Oh it will be a good day.

How far along? 11 weeks 2 days Total weight gain: No clue. I don't like scales in my house :pMaternity clothes? Nope, but pretty syched for the box thats coming my way (hopefully! love you lorien!)Stretch marks? not any new ones :pSleep: Its my favorite part of the day. I'm learning to power thru the exhaustionBest moment this week: people telling me I'm glowing. I don't feel like I'm glowing haha or that pregnancy does me good, or something like that. Its a nice compliment that exhaustion and sickness look good lolMiss Anything? Being able to eat whatever I want without wanting to gagMovement: Nothing still Food cravings: thought I wanted McD's fries last night. Yuck!Anything making you queasy or sick: Still strong smells. Or people talking about gross things. Or thinking of gross things. Gender: More people saying girl !Labor Signs: I'd die :'[Symptoms: Background nausea, every few days actually getting sick, and I've added Activia to my diet if that is discreet enough... :DBelly Button in or out? In !Wedding rings on or off? OnHappy or Moody most of the time: Both haha I feel mostly happy thoLooking forward to: the 2nd trimester and no more sickness !

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