Monday, October 15, 2012

I guess I have to...

Well, it's about time for an update. I've been wanting to update for WEEKS but I couldn't share any of the things that I wanted to share. So nothing else seemed important enough to update. That's a lie. There was definitely important things. But I just didn't want to.

So yes, it's official. I am pregnant. AH ! Crazy I know. Now for the long drawn out story.

I took my first pregnancy test on my birthday, Sept 14. I planned it just in case I was pregnant, what a nice little present to me. Well it came out positive so I wrapped it up and gave Chris a present on my birthday too. He was confused, but thrilled when he opened it. He was sad I didn't tell him I wanted to take a test. Oh well. I didn't want to get his hopes up if I wasn't and all that.

So then start the long grueling process of having a secret that we can't say. I called my Dr to get an appt asap, cause I wanted (for some reason) more confirmation than being 5 weeks late and 2 positive tests. Well they weren't going to be able to get me in until Oct 8. WHAT ! Three weeks ! AH ! Fine...  So we were dying. Eventually (accidentally) told our dear friend Mert that we were pregnant. She's not technically family so we didn't tell one family before another. But it was nice to finally tell someone. We only lasted a week. Go us.

Then a week before the appt, we had this whole idea on how we were going to tell families, send stuff to utah, extended family. Let's start now so we can have it done by next week. I got a call, your doctor has moved his practice so your appt next week still stands but pick a new doctor. I don't want a new doctor. I like my doctor. Lets proceed to track him down. Have to strategically call my mother in law who's bffs with my doctors nurse (whom I love as well!) and say I have to find them for a check up. Girl stuff. No questions asked. Finally find the new doctors office. Call them, lets get an appt, hopefully it won't be another 3 weeks cause we'll die. "How about tomorrow...?" Uh are you serious?! Uh yes, I'd love to be there tomorrow. That was Oct 3. FINALLY. Got my 3rd positive test. No ultrasound :[ No heartbeat. But blood work. And lots of peeing. Especially when I accidentally trigger the automatic sink and it sprays in my urine sample. COOL. Long story. Another day. So it's official. Made all these decisions. Weird. Next appt Nov 1. And it's definitely an ultrasound visit. YAY ! And Chris will be at this one. I made sure to schedule it around his classes. He wasn't at the first appt, so it would have been sad to hear the heartbeat without him, or get an ultrasound without him. I want him there. That's the point of having a dad. Duh.

So 24hrs later we get to tell people. Rush home to make three pictures frames that would have had an ultrasound picture, but now will have the positive tests (sorry:p) and cute grandparent quotes. These were for our parents. And then we made little cards to send out to aunts, uncles, grandma's & grandpa's. Our bases are covered. My dad cried. It was awesome. He had no idea. Greatest moment. He's even bought stuff already. He's so excited. I love it ! Mark thought it was a joke. His birthday was Oct 4 so we gave him his thing for his bday present. Angel didn't really get what it was cause she was busy taking pictures. It was an exciting moment. Such relief to finally tell people. Then began the waiting for my mom to get hers which about killed me more than waiting to tell people. How do I ask if she got anything. She'd call me right away, right? What if it gets lost? Why didn't I get tracking !? Oh well. As long as I can keep people off facebook until Utah gets their stuff, we're ok. And then I caved one day, finally text her. She didn't get anything yet. It's like Wendesday by this time. Maybe even Thursday and I sent it out the previous Friday. AH! Then 20 mins later she calls :] She said she turned red when she opened it. And was shaking so bad. She said she wasn't crying. But my mom cries all the time. And she was pacing. Im glad she's excited :] I'm sad everyone's so far away. This is her first child have her first grandchild. I'm making a great great grandpa, great grandparents, and grandparents. 5 generations. I'm so excited.

So now everyone knows. Pretty much. I think there are still a few cards straggling in. Hopefully they won't get their feelings hurt from Facebook. Sorry! Blame USPS!
Announcements !

So here's the card we used to announce to non-parents. I'm not sure why its looking squished. Imagine it more rectangle.

10 weeks!

And then a belly pic that McKae requested. I promise the "bump" you're seeing is me being fat. Yay for gaining weight since being married. And I just ate. Sorta. But, hopefully we get better at taking pics and there's better lighting and angle and all that. But yay.

 And then cause I'm crazy and I like stealing ideas, I found the cutest blog on pinterest and she did this about every week. So I'm going to try. So be warned. ~Sunday/Monday time this will be posted. Feel free to skip it. I'm not offended!

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain: 0 so far !
Maternity clothes? not yet ! But i'm pretty excited for comfy stretchy stuff
Stretch marks? not any new ones :p
Sleep: I can never get enough. I can sleep for 14hours and wake up and be exhausted and need naps. Its horrible !
Best moment this week:
Finally being able to just tell people. Kind of makes it real. Especially all the love I got at church yesterday once I unleashed Angel :]
Miss Anything? Not being tired and not being sick. AND SUSHI ! AH !
Movement: Nope :/
Food cravings: Nothing. Food.. is food.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Super strong smells. Like the roast in the crock pot for hours yesterday. Nope !
Gender: No clue ! Chris wants girl. Mark & Tracy say girl !

Labor Signs: heck no!
Symptoms: Nausea, and actually getting sick now :/ Lovely
Belly Button in or out? In !
Wedding rings on or off? On unless I just forget them cause I do that
Happy or Moody most of the time: Hopefully I'm happy. Ask Chris. Or don't. Better yet.
Looking forward to: Ultra sound in 2 weeks! Ah !

And the end :] 


  1. Yeah!!!! So so so happy for you! I wish I was there to see you grow your first baby. Being pregnant is the best, it is so incredible, I am so excited for you guys!! Keep this updated!

  2. So happy for you, and the way you announced on FB was awesome!!!- Erin


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