Thursday, February 23, 2012

I need subject matter!

I'd like to think I could be a consistent blogger, and have fun posts that people want to read. But even when I think, hey I want to blog today, I have no idea what to blog about. I know if should just put something, so Sarah can have something to read, but I seem to have too high of standards for my posts. I'm sorry !

So, we went skiing/snowboarding yesterday. Chris has been a few times before. I've never been. I was really anti- the idea at first because I didn't want to be bedridden for the next few days and broken bones scare me. And all those clips on Americas Funniest Home Videos of skiers crashing into things or people... that would be me.  But things came together and I reluctantly decided to go, well not too reluctantly. I knew Chris would have fun watching me. So I can be the comedic relief for the day :]

It was a perfect day. Even kinda warm. Which we layered for cold weather, so that was interesting. But I have my new skier-esque jacket and goggles, gloves, skis all the fun stuff that made me look the part. Missed ski school, so we had to wait. In the mean time, lets go down the scariest first hill EVER. I fell. Obviously. My only experience to relate to skiing is Wii skiing... not so comparable. Nintendo lies. But it was fun. After ski school, which totally helps, for me at least. So don't let people lie to you about how pointless it is. Then we just skied. Chris was all over the place on his board, on the crazy high mountains, whipping around everywhere. I never really got to watch him go down one, since he doesn't know the mountain well enough to tell me where he's coming down. And I'm NOT going up on those crazy ones. All in all it was a blast. The day went a lot better than I thought it would. I was exhausted from not getting any sleep and getting up early. But I can walk today. And I'm not broken. No one's broken.

And now for the fun part of the day. We were on our way home and had to run into a hospital to use their ATM (random I know..) and I noticed hey, no one broke anything. We didn't need to take anyone here ! Yay us. And we had quite a few beginners, and daredevils, and a little one. So, that's an accomplishment. Anyways, so we're heading home, its ~930pm ish. 2 hour drive. We're all tired. I swear the road tried to kill Chris axle.. but we get to Hurricane to get gas, and lo and behold we have a flat tire. For how long? If it was the crazy bump thing that I thought was trying to kill us, we were driving on it for a loooong time. And didn't even feel a difference. How is that possible? So instead of unloading all our wet nasty ski clothes, Chris gets the fix-a-flat bottle stuff, blows the tire back up. Just to get us home and then we can get a new one the next day. Well, we start back on the interstate and its make this crazy noise, and wobbling the car. It was almost like putting the tire on and tightening the lug nuts crooked and you get all shaky and there's an ugly noise. And Nick's saying, my tire did that right before it popped. Great... And what did you know. Not even a mile out of Hurricane the tire just blows. Scariest sound ever ! Thank goodness we were expecting it and Chris was going slow.

Ok, now we'll unload the junk from the trunk (te he) and get the spare and all that work blahblahblah. The spare is a used doughnut, with practically 0 tread. This thing was horrible. We're going to die. Go to take the tire off, the T-tool thing we had wasn't the right size to get these lug nuts off... Uh, now what... Highway Patrol to the rescue ! Got the spare on. Realized it was so flat. Had to drive SO slow to Milton, and pump it up. Ok... now can we go home?

And all this time Chris is getting really upset. Obviously. Who wouldn't? It was one thing after the other. It was already way past midnight and we'd been up early, skiing all day, exhausted. And usually I'm the one to lose patience. But my thought was still, no one's had to go to the hospital. I really think we were driving on the flat tire for the longest time and it was raining. Why didn't we swerve, or feel it, or anything? It was like the car was normal until we stopped for gas. So many things could have gone wrong. But I honestly think we were being watched over. I know people say that all the time. But I'd had the weirdest, almost paranoid, feeling since the day before that something was going to happen. I thought it was me hitting a tree, or breaking a bone for the first time. And once we left the ski place, my thought was sweet, we missed all the bad things. But we didn't. I know we were protected. There were too many conditions set against us for us to arrive safely home, just maybe a lot later than we planned. 1am vs 11pm. But we were ok. And I don't know why this meant so much to me. Even sitting on the side of the road waiting, and thinking about how we could have swerved off the road in the mountains in the rain.. I got all choked up. I'm such a sucker. But it really, I don't know. Just meant something.

But that was my moment. Yesterday was probably the best and worst of days for Chris. I had a blast and I'm so glad a hospital wasn't needed. I love knowing that we're being watched over instead of chocking it up to good luck, or somethings stupid.

Ok Sarah? This was a long one :] I'll try to keep my eye out for some blogging material and try to keep up with this. I know I always say that. And I appreciate the friendly reminders !

Nick and Chris wanted to stay later. How much fun would this tire debacle have been 2 hours later..


  1. What a crazy end to a great day! And I like to read your daily pursuits. Really that is all the subject matter you need. You could write "and I watched doctor who all day" and I'd be like yay Haley posted!!

  2. I love that you know I watch Doctor Who all day :] But I'll try to just remember stuff that has happened during the day and post here. I just get worried that my day to day activities aren't interesting !


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