Thursday, January 12, 2012

Patience is the word.

So I know I just updated like 3 days ago. I don't care. I was having a thought and wanted to get it out of my head.

So I complain, and I get frustrated. Probably more than I should. But at the same time, I pray about it, and try to rely on the Lord and faith. He knows what He's doing, so chill Haley. Well I'm working on being better at it. I shouldn't take forever to get to that point, I should just be there, always.

So forever I've been applying to jobs right. Since about September. And things just weren't working out here, so we applied Chris to school at BYU in November. And since then its been wait. Waiting for everything!! But, all the while, I'm thinking, Haley, the Lord's got this. He'll let you know what to do when the time's right.

I have this saying in my house "Faith in the Lord includes Faith in His timing." Big reminder for me. So I've been waiting, we've been waiting. Just keeping our heads down. Waiting. Faithful. Until His help is revealed.

Well, I was just thinking about it in the past ~2 weeks: I've had a job intereview for the Rec Center, a job interview for the Bank, a heads up about a job here at Marshall, that may be Heaven sent, Chris got a heads up about a guaranteed flying opportunity in the USMC... all this stuff. Right within days of each other. Give us another two weeks and we find out about BYU and then we'll really know whats going on !

So my whole big point. Since Sept, there really hasn't been much, just me being frustrated and wanting direction, something, anything ! But I was being taught patience. And now, now that it's the right time, now we start getting some action. Now we get our options laid before us and go from there. You think after all these little patience lessons I've had, I would have learned by now... Nope. Still learning.

"Faith in the Lord includes Faith in His timing." - Neal A. Maxwell <3

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  1. My mom always said "the Lord works in mysterious ways" and I think this applies to your post. Definitely stop and smell the roses. Everyone is always on my case about whether or not I'm actually getting married and I just can't do it without my Dad's support. I just don't understand why my friends and family think I should just go ahead and do it without him giving his blessing. I know he is being stubborn and that his reasoning is ridiculous and I've prayed and prayed about it. If the Lord can't change his mind, how am I supposed to?

    So end my weird rant and just know that I'll be sad if you guys go to Utah but I know you both will make the right choice. Miss you!


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