Monday, January 9, 2012

I thought I was doing good !

Man ! I guess if Sarah isn't reminding me to update I completely forget I even have this blog. That's a lie. It did cross my mind a time or two, but hey, it was Christmas time, and life gets pretty crazy !

Life has been pretty hectic. But not at the same time. There has been no snow, except for that one day. So Chris hasn't been working. And we both agreed, the instant he gets another job is when the snow will just blanket for months. So we decided to wait. That was like 2 months ago lol Oh well. He starts his 4th semester today. Now he'll have something to do. I can't believe we'll be here for 2 years at this end of this semester. I don't stay anywhere this long ! Weird. We hear back from BYU in the next few weeks. But we're getting all this stuff thrown at us, so we don't really know what to do. Chris got contacted by the Marines about becoming an officer in the Marine Corps and then you are guaranteed a pilots slot. No other branch can guarantee a pilot's slot. Because usually they can't. We're looking into it, and seeing how real this is. So far it looks legit. It's SO much schooling, 2 summers (6weeks) for Officer's Candidate School, then TBS (another schooling reviewing the schooling you've already had) which is 6 months (!!) then 18-24months of flight school, THEN you get to fly. But its only 8 years instead of 10. So add in all the schooling and it about evens out. And he can start now. AH, who knows. I don't! So if he gets into BYU, but this Marine thing works, then do we stay?

I'm still trying to find other work. Dang benefits or I'd quit and have two part time jobs. I'm fine with that :] I got the job at the rec center, which I don't think I'm taking. But that and Disney, and I'd be set :] But hopefully this job doesn't suck the life out of me like I'm expecting. And maybe this Chemistry thing will pan out.. who knows !

Other than knowing what to do with our lives, things have been pretty same old. I started teaching piano. I feel so underqualified. Like I should have been trained or something. I doubt myself too much. But as of right now, I have 3 students. Oh yeah ! A few more interested. So that makes life a little enjoyable.

I don't have any profound Spiritual thoughts at the moment. I've noticed how much "easier" (for lack of a better word) life has gotten since I've stopped trying to control everything, and get disappointed. I'm just coasting. Along for the ride. I've put in my two cents, but I'm letting the Lord take me where ever He sees fit. That's why we've got so many options for us right now because Chris and I just want to do what we're supposed to or go where we're supposed to. I've stopped caring. Not really, but I'm not as adamant. Bloom where you're planted right? I've got family here, friends are starting to pop up, work (I'm trying to deal with a smile) and I love Church and my calling. There are so many reasons to be happy, why do I choose not to notice?

Curses haha I'm trying to get better ! We'll see what happens in the next few weeks !

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