Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences 2nd Edition

Hahaha for some reason when I clicked to write in a title, that's what auto filled. So I thought I'd keep it. Has a nice ring to it.

Well I'm not as good as I'd like to be with this whole updating my blog thing. I went from once a week to once a month ! Ah ! I have got to get better ! I have so much down time its ridiculous !

So I forgot last month hello, it was my birthday ! I'm over getting older haha ! I got to spend the evening with my mother in law since Chris had class. Which most of you would shudder, but I love spending time with her :] We went to hibachi <3 yummmmmy ! and I caught the shrimp ! Then we got coldstone because she was trying to over feed me. And I thought it was weird I didn't mention my birthday. Big 2-5. Oh yeah ugh

On to now. Church is fun as always. Conference was amazing. They get better every year. And I don't know how thats possible. They are so awsome, they have to reach a limit right? NOPE ! My favorite was Neil L Anderson's talk. Go look it up. I keep giving Chris a hard time about it. It's funny :] Maybe next year ! Relief Society is good. I'm starting to talk to people more and they are talking to me more. I like being a position where it makes me go out of my comfort zone and talk to people I wouldn't normally. I love working with Sydney. I feel like she does so much and I just sit there. She really is amazing. And I heard her husband speak for the first time the other night ! Haha. We are underway with choir ! Yay for Hilary being the new choir director. And she's just as gung-ho as I am. She's even kind of stressed about starting Christmas so late. But she's amazing and I'm glad to work with her.  Woo Christmas ! We had a baptism the other week :] LOVE them ! Chelsea and Jerry got baptized and I'm glad we got to be a part of it. It's so awesome to be there for such a big decision and first step :] I had a fun thought today that they could go to the temple next year :]

I also had the chance to go to Time Out for Women. And no its not bad even though a "time out" sounds it. It's basically a "conference" for friday night and a chunk of saturday where a bunch of LDS authors and musicians and just amazing rockstar people get together and teach us and tell us their story. And you get to meet them. So we went to one in Cincinnati, me, Angel, Mert, Patti and Mimi and Mikinzie. Loved it ! Got way too much stuff. I'm going through Deseret Book withdrawals. I love hearing so many wonderful stories and the Spirit really is so strong and the music. I was such a baby and cried all weekend. If I could live the way I feel there... <3 someday.

What else. We had a Stake Temple Trip today. Probably one of the coolest things ever, because it wasn't just a normal Temple trip. We went when the Temple is usually closed and since we could completely staff the temple we got to do our own sessions. So we had enough people trained in our stake to be workers and more than enough people to go. It was pretty sweet to see people you knew everywhere. It really is amazing that a stake can staff their own trips. Im not sure I've heard of it before. I'm sure people do it, but I think it's pretty rare. So that was nice. I wish Chris could have gone :/ We thought the appt. time was later and since he has class we didn't want him to be late or have to worry about rushing. And come to find out, it was way earlier than they said. It was still pretty amazing.

What else... I get to play organ for stake conference :/ haha Dang it for being found out by the stake presidency. It's such a blessing to be known, it makes me feel like I'm working if people know who I am. But times like this when you're asked to do something... haha It's going to be fine.. but I can't say I'm not nervous.

We're house sitting right now for Angel and Mark since they're in Vegas for their 30th anniversary. Fun. Jealous. I love being in a house! I sit and say I can't wait until we have one, but then yes I can. Apts are easy, and cheap. Even if houses are bigger and have dishwashers lol

I applied Chris for BYU the other day. We have to get all his extra stuff together. Endorsement, transcript, etc. I'm nervous about the whole process. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing. With all this craziness with my job here, oh wait, I don't really have a job. It's all less than ideal. I hate it. And do I really want to do this for 2 1/2 more years? Really?! Ugh. But I've come to a conclusion, that we're deciding on Utah for now and then if he doesn't get in to BYU since thats really our only option for school, then it's not where we're supposed to be. So it's just a waiting game until we find out. Everyones really skeptical if he can get it. And it is very selective, but with the Lord, you never know.

I quit Disney. How sad. I really wanted to quit Marshall until they figure out stuff and work for Disney during seasonal since I'll definitely get hours and have money. Benefits are the only problem. :/ And now that my choices for work are crappy choice 1 or choice lab 2... I really wish I would have gone with Disney !

I also just want to say how much I love my husband. Each day I find something else I love about him. And I love that I can look at him and still have that teenager giddy feeling and sigh thinking "I can't believe I get to keep him forever!" There isn't a greater feeling that knowing he's mine, no matter what. Eternal marriage really is the best and it brings such a different perspective into a marriage, and a different dimension almost. I'm glad we decided to get married in the Temple. I love being there and being reminded of so much, of the Plan of Salvation, the Plan of Happiness and my role, my place in all of this, but also in where I can go, what I can become. It really makes all the little things, the silly things that mess up, makes them so small and insignificant. I don't know what I'd do without the Gospel in my life. I love being a member of this Church and all the blessings I get. I'm so blessed ! ah ! Ok. I'll be done. Here's to hoping I can keep up with this thing better !


  1. I almost knew everything you talked about!! Whoo for learning :)

  2. haha i'm trying to be better about explaining. but seriously, ask questions haha

  3. thee Plan of Salvation, the Plan of Happiness and my role, my place in all of this,

    that part was the only part I don't know exactly what it means. I assume it is not very far away from most Christian beliefs just a bit different :)

  4. okie dokie. the plan of salvation and the plan of happiness are interchangable. without me trying to explain it and confuse you to death i took this right from the church's website (ive added some clarificiations): In the premortal existence[where we lived before we came to earth), Heavenly Father prepared a plan to enable us to become like Him and receive a fulness of joy. The scriptures refer to this plan as “the plan of salvation” (Alma 24:14; Moses 6:62), “the great plan of happiness” (Alma 42:8), “the plan of redemption” (Jacob 6:8; Alma 12:30), and “the plan of mercy” (Alma 42:15). The plan of salvation is the fulness of the gospel. It includes the Creation, the Fall {of adam], the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and all the laws, ordinances, and doctrines of the gospel. Moral agency, the ability to choose and act for ourselves, is also essential in Heavenly Father's plan. Because of this plan, we can be perfected through the Atonement, receive a fulness of joy, and live forever in the presence of God. Our family relationships can last throughout the eternities.

    Not too confusing I hope? It also explains it maybe a little better if you want to spend some time reading:

    As for my role my place, its just knowing this plan. Knowing that Im a daughter of Heavenly Father, why we came here. To experience life, to use the Atonement and become perfected through Christ so that we can go back and live with Heavenly Father and Christ again. Kind of like a bigger picture thing.

    I think most Christians believe where we came from the creation, the fall, Christ's Atonement and repentence. We just gave that whole process a name :] Make sense?

  5. Yes it does. That was kind of what I thought but more in depth than my baptist teachings.


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