Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Half way thru the week !

My weeks seem to drag ! But coming to work to just sit here everyday, doing the same thing. Actually nothing, it gets mundane to say the least. And I woke up with a headache :/ Probably from sleeping on socks rolled up in my head ! Google it. Sock bun, or sock curls, or something like that. It doesn't work in my hair. So uncomfy sleep and a head ache didn't work !

Anywho- its almost halloween ! yay !? We still haven't carved our pumpkins :/ Hopefully this week since its the last time to do it ! Ah ! Time disappears ! We have our ward Trunk Or Treat tonight :] Come on down, 630pm :] I'm sad since Chris has class at 630 until 9pm so he wont even be able ot be there at all and he LOVES this. We won for trunk decorations last year. And I don't care enough on my own to do anything. So I think I'll dress up, and that's about it. Maybe play some scary music haha hand out candy. That's all you're getting out of me ! I wish I could have been more prepared and done something Harry Potter-craziness ! I've got the costumes... I wonder if I could get a cauldron and some house crests together... Oh my mind is working now ! Maybe I won't go with the original idea .. >:] i love HP. oh yeah !

What else. Our end of applying Chris is officially done. Were just waiting on Bishop to send in his Endorsement, and then Chris has an interview with the Stake President tomorrow :] Woo. We told Angel last night. She got sad. It was really cute. But I get it. I told her that Im more than happy to stay, but work just isnt working right now. And life is frustrating. Especially when my job is nonexistent. But we shall see. I don't know how long its going to take to send the endorsements, or even how long we have to wait until they make a decision. I could have applied him to the Winter term. Talk about fast if he all of the sudden got accepted and we were outta here in January. Crazy !

So sad story. And this is the most depressing thing of my life so far. All of my rings are gone. Disappeared. Ive searched. My wedding band, my ctr ring AND my engagement ring. I seriously want to cry. Im still numb and in denial about it. My hands will swell throughout the day so usually i take them off for a bit set them down by me and put them back on no worries. Well this time I didn't put them back on and theyre gone. We deep cleaned most of the house yesterday so I thought theyd pop up. Deloris cleaned angel and marks so I thought shed have seen them and stuck them in one of the girls room or jewelry boxes. Nothing. Its more too than I lost my rings. Thats money gone. It had my mom's diamond :[ And I feel weird without my ring. Like people wont see me and think cute shes married.. haha i'm so silly.

What else ! I don't know. I have to teach for the first time on Sunday Relief Society. Im pretty nervous. I think I have all the material I'm going to cover. I just have to go over it, polish it, make sure its within my time limits. Im pretty excited. Were going to have all the women together for this lesson, which never happens :] It's going to be sweet !

And yeah :] lots of other things are going on. But im not really sure what to talk about. Im addicted to pinterest ! Ah ! every second of the day im not busy im on there. If they had an app for my phone we'd be in trouble. Id be fine deleting my facebook and just having pinterest. Oh hobbies <3

To end on a spiritual note, today's scripture of the day on my phone- D&C 108:7: Therefore, strengthen your brethren in all your conversation, in all your prayers, in all your exhortations, and in all your doings.

Im guilty for not doing this. I notice I say things that probably arent productive, or uplifting, whether serious or joking. And even if I don't say things, I think them sometimes. And we are what we think. So I thought it was an interesting scripture. I need to do these things, strengthen those around me in everyway I can. I can do better. Im not a total jerk just tearing people down all the time, but I know it something I can work on :]

On another note, check out this new song by Hilary Weeks. She's amazing, one of my faves. If you ever want to just get me a present... any of her CDs would be amazing ! But the video is beautiful, the song is too. And if I could tell you the stories of the other women in the video, it'd break your heart. But watch it, research them :] Makes you feel better about life!  <--- music video  <---- one of the lady's stories &  <---- mariama's story <3 love her.


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