Friday, September 30, 2011

And then its gone

I say wake me up when September ends and here we are at the end. October tomorrow ! It feels like I slept through it!  I don't even really know what has been going on. Probably why there has been a lack of posts, sorry Sarah :/

Well, church is normal. We're starting choir back up and they're getting a new choir director, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Especially since I've already got ideas for Christmas [you might think that's crazy, but I've had choirs start Christmas in August :p] I'm pretty excited to have music back in my life. I've been listening to it more, good stuff, not the radio. It soothes my soul. We have General Conference this weekend ! Ah ! Twice a year in April and October, for Sat & Sun the Church broadcasts 2 sessions (meetings, 2 hrs each) where the Prophets and Apostles and other leaders speak to us about what they've been inspired to share. It rocks and I look forward to it way in advance. Twice a year we get to hear what the Lord wants us to hear from his Leaders :] I can't wait. We have the Women's RS Broadcast last weekend and I loved it. I love hearing the inspired talks and the Spirit there. Oh and the music :] Amazing. If anyones available and wants to come :] Let me know I'll be there !

As far as work goes. I still have no idea whats going on. I had what I thought was a meeting today but turned out to be a job interview. And I wore jeans. COOL. It's for the College of Science. Sounds pretty neat, not sure I'm that impressive right now when my nasally voice and cough. Attractive. But it's something right? We're not completely in the dark. There is something going on now. Eric leaves in 2 weeks. Then what? DE doesn't seem as promising as it once was. Not really any help for Chris with tuition. There is another college he can get decent tuition w/o the out of state charges. Not sure how good it is. We've, well I have, started looking elsewhere. Everywhere we look will have school trouble with being out of state. Except BYU. We're going to apply him for the Fall 2012 semester and see if he gets in. Then figure out if he can get in, and what aid he'll have, and then find me a job. In Salt Lake :/ Far away. Now where to live. If I can even get a job, should we even go. Ugh. Choices !! I've applied to a few places around here... who knows.

Other than that, you know work and my future, and what Chris and I want to do with our lives, things have been wonderful. Really. I'm on this crafty kick and want to decorate our teeny house with everything Halloween, and then Thanksgiving and then... CHRISTMAS ! I'm excited. I need another full time job to fuel my addiction and need of supplies, except I need to quit this job so I can have time to craft. Side note: does anyone want to buy me a cricut ? I'd greatly, immensely appreciate it. Thanks :]  Chris thinks I do too much to the house as it is, but I've got to keep myself busy. I'm slowly weening myself off of TV. I mean, I want to keep up with my life long shows, but pointless movies and just watching a series because, I'm trying to quit. Yay for premieres week ! Greys, The Office, Castle... oh TV. How I hate to love you so. But I've got a ton of books on my Kindle, and a billion crafts lined up. I went on a walk with Daisy. I went to Zumba the other day. Pretty sure I want to sign up for the whole month and go 4x a week and get not fat. Woo ! Talk about motivating [ is it working? ]

We get to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving ! Woo ! I'm pretty freakin' excited for that. We're driving Chris' dads old car out there for his brother and staying with them for a few days so I get to see Brenda and the kids, and Anthony :] And get to have a sweet roadtrip with my hubby. We have fun in cars :] He says I'm not the best passenger because I always fall asleep. But this should be fun. I've never been to AZ before. And it will be warm. And not here. And Maddie will be there too !! Yay ! It's exciting.

We got to go to the Washington DC Temple <3 My first Temple I ever went to. It was nice to go back again. We got to go to Tracy & Shane's sealing. It's always nice to be there for such an amazing thing and it always reminds me of mine, and the feelings, and the promises. I love that we can continue to go back to the Temple to be reminded of our covenants and all the things we learn. I love being in the Temple with my husband. And its such a great experience to be there with my family, Angel and Mimi and such. I love being there with them. It feels like Heaven <3

AND I got Cafe Rio <33333 There's one like 20 mins from the Temple. Sweet ! My brain was so confused because it was thinking Cafe Rio=Utah, but we're not in Utah. Sad. Haha. It was fun. Love it ! Horchata... <3 Love.

Read Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter. Pretty sweet. Kinda graphic, but I loved the story. I wish it was real ! Now I'm on to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I love P&P and its by the same author as Lincoln's book and he's fun. So this should be interesting.

It's crazy how much goes on in my brain. I go from work, to Disney, to trips, to money, to crafts, to food, to everything. Ah ! Glad you get tiny glimpses :]

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