Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wake me up when September ends !

Holy cow, I can't believe it's already September ! Goodness. This year really has gone by so fast, and they keep going faster the older I get. I can't say I like it ! Especially since summers gone and my summers don't even feel like summers anymore.  Yay for being a grown up without summer vacations !

Well atleast September is my birthday, and my little brothers birthday, who's 16 now and thats so weird. And it will finally cool off so its not so hot. Although I'll probably write about it being cold soon enough. Back to school, beginning of fall and colors changing. Oh the joys of September :]

Chris got a new calling this Sunday [Sarah: a calling is like a job in our church, we are picked by our congregation leader, the Bishop through inspiration. He prays and tries to figure out what the Lord wants for the position]. He's not too thrilled about it, but I'm excited because he can do so well and do so much good. He got called as the new Ward Mission Leader. [Sarah: this is a member who works with our Missionaries, and people investigating the church, who visit and want to know more and such.] I think it could be so good because he does need a calling in general, to stay busy and all that. And we definitely need to whip our missionaries into shape :]  Whether Chris puts his foot down, or I do through Chris hehe. I don't know how well that would go over, but it's a funny thought. I'll let Chris do his calling because I'm more than overwelmed enough with mine.  However, I'll still throw my 2 cents in because I'll die if I don't. So between me and Chris getting new callings, and then Maddie getting her calling, yay for being Relief Society President of your BYU ward ! Woo ! We're all just getting callings right in a row. It's fun :]

The rain is killing me and the forecast isn't promising much either. I feel like I'm in Seattle and I'm so glad I don't live there. I couldn't deal with the weather all the time ! Life is depressing enough without the constant rain ! Even on Labor Day, we tried to find something to do, but there is so little to do inside. Everything's outside and not good in rainy weather. So it ended up being a stay in day. Yay for my last long weekend until the Holidays being a bust ! If it wasn't for Chris getting his calling we coulda done something after Sat. but then it didn't happen. Oh well. Maybe in January, when I get my next long weekend that isn't a holiday. Haha

Other than that, work is work. Still trying to figure out Delaware, and gathering details. Waiting on some information to decide. I even talked to a family that's new to our ward about the area because they just came from there. It's random. His parents are in the Branch Pres and his mom in the Relief Society Presidency. So now I know who to talk to about details of the area, and wards and such. It's fun that we can potentially flip flop. They came here, and we go there. But who knows. I like to plan and dream of white walls and a dishwasher, but ultimately it's where ever we're supposed to be. It will be fun to see if Chris and I can agree to where that is. I wish we could just know where the Lord wants us. [Side note: I know I can and I'm not saying we aren't going to fast and pray about it, just saying]

But all shall be revealed. We'll keep trudging along, and see what comes of life !


  1. I think Chris will make a good ward mission leader. I think our missionaries have been allowed to piddle poke around for waayyy too long and not get anything done. Here's hoping he will be able to inspire them! :)

    -Sarah P

  2. Well they had a meeting at 8am this morning :] So far so good ! Keep all of them in your prayers please !


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