Friday, January 24, 2014

Frozen: Not the Disney Movie

It has been snowing. And snowing. Which I LOVE. Don't get me wrong. Snow means money. Snow means Chris gets to work. And that is awesome. Since he doesn't have a "real" job so he can plow. So this past week or so he's been home on and off. He'd have been gone more if school wasn't getting in the way. Curse you college ! But this has been nice. He's exhausted. Poor him. I'm mostly exhausted from taking care of Logan and being stuck in the house.  Logan's getting stir crazy. He can't stay in one room. He moves so much the front of his onesie gets covered in dog hair (yuck) and all dingy. I'm going to have to start mopping 3x a day. Awesome.

Speaking of college, and Chris. He gets to apply for graduation ! Woo ! I almost forgot about it. Until I saw the calendar event that says dead line to apply. So, this is happening ! He's got a couple scary classes that are definitely going to be tough. But he can do it. So I'm excited. Before I know it, it will be May and my baby boy will be one and I'll have a graduated husband ! Whatttt !

I can't really think of too much going on. Same old. Snow days. Work. It's been pretty laid back. We probably need to get warmed up to working. But this cold makes us all want to go home. All the time. Which is what we do. Yay for my awesome job :]

I've started doing a new work out challenge. I'm almost done with week 3. Which is probably the longest I've ever kept up with any workout/diet routine. Go me. Luckily I have a few friends doing it, and its all on facebook, AND I convinced my dear sweet husband to start it too. He's just a week behind, but hey. He's doing it too :] which is funny because it's called the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.  90 days. We can do it ! Hopefully we see results. I can't say I have yet (granted its been 3 weeks, and I'm not dieting) but they workouts aren't killing me as much as they used to. So yay for being stronger !

And that's all I can think of. Life has been too busy but not with anything interesting. I've got a girls night party thing with Patti @ her house tonight, which I'm pretty excited about. I was up all night making sugar cookies & learning to decorate with royal icing. I gave myself a sugar hangover. Man, did I feel horrible this morning. And then my dad's big 5-0 birthday is Saturday and they're coming over for dinner :] I'm excited to have people over. And especially for them to be at my house and see Logan in his natural state. Which means cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Which I feel like I spent all last weekend doing. Which I did. Because my mess of a basement is absolutely gorgeous and clean now. I want to just sit down there. Because it's so pretty. Organization ::sigh::

Annnnd that's all folks. This snowy week went by fast. And hopefully I'll more interesting things to write about. I can make up stuff. Well not make up stuff, but just write random things but I don't think anyone cares.

I restarted doing this for my Project Life album. I'm still trying to work on the rest of my "Project 26" from 2013. I'm only a few weeks behind. I have them all planned, I just have to match them to a layout and print pictures. And I want to do this year, but the longer I wait, the longer I get behind and ahhhh. Maybe next week life will let up a bit and I can try to do more. I love being able to go back through and look at the fun things. Chris actually said "I'm so glad you've taken the time to make this" the other day when we were looking through what I've done so far. It's nice that he doesn't see it as a waste of time or money. And hopefully we like to keep looking at it through the years. And it's a ton easier to do now that the products are available at Michaels and HobLob now too :] Woo !! Check it out if you have no idea what I'm talking about:   scrapbooking made easy !

And now, that's really all I have.

The end !

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