Friday, January 3, 2014

Because sleep is overrated...

For whatever reason its 1am and my baby is asleep, husband is out working and i'm... updating my blog. Because... see title.

I realize it's been way too long since I've updated and I know I won't do it any other time. Mostly because I haven't been at work which means I've been busy at home. I've LOVED this wonderful 2 1/2 week long break <3 I never want it to end. Sadly... In 4 days it will :[  We really haven't done much which is fine by me. It's been lazy, and being home, and being together as a family. What more could a girl want?

We had a wonderful thanksgiving (I have even updated since then?!) in NJ and I saw a bunch of wonderful people I haven't seen in years, some in lots of years. It was really great to just be, hang out, catch up. Just talk. See how far we've all come. It's wonderful to keep in touch with people. I never had that, growing up and moving so much. It's nice to have people I have kept in touch with. So yummy turkey. Lots of people. LOTS of people. Lots of dogs. All under one roof. Wawa. Yum.

Christmas was busy. As usual. We had a last minute Perry Party, since no one really planned anything at the Thanksgiving thing we usually do. But it turned out really well. Perry's are always down for some perry time and food. It's nice to see everyone for a bit too. Chris has two cousins expecting, one's 1/2 way thru her pregnancy, so it was fun to talk to her. And the other wasn't there but they'd just announced it earlier that week. It's so fun. So many babies ! I know there are other couples (not us, so calm down spaz) that are trying so there are more on the way ! I can't wait til we have more, but.. I can. I get all anxious and have a mild attack when I think of another one. Except I miss being pregnant. But I love just having Logan, and paying attention to him. I can't make up my mind.

On to Logan. This kid is getting huge. Make it stop!  He has 7 teeth that have broken thru, we're waiting on the last one to complete the bottom "set" so his 4 top, and 3 and almost 4th on the bottom. They make him look so grown up ! I finally trimmed his hair because it was all in his eyes and growing over his collar and making it look all mullet-ish. ::gag:: I couldn't take it. He's 8 months old today. Weird. 4 months til his bday ! I've been planning it cause I'm a weirdo planner, but I might start getting stuff together, crafting the crafty parts and getting stuff going on. It's going to be a fun time in May. Hear this weekend.  So my mom's coming out for Josh's graduation (weird, my little brother.. baby brother, is graduating!) and thats the 12th, so whatever that thursday before is, she flies, then she'll drive here Friday. I'm going to wait a week to do Logan's 1st Bday since her and my grandma will be here, and really? It's not like he'll notice. So party Friday, Saturday is Chris' graduation ! Ah ! Yay ! Luckily we'll have a joint party w/ his little sister later in the month. And then sunday is normal busy Sunday, and then Monday is Josh's graduation. AH. So. Much. To. Do. But yeah. So my baby is big. He's not actually crawling yet. He's so much better at getting up on his hands and knees all by himself. But he scoots like a champ. He moves so much it's crazy. He loves all his new toys he got for Christmas. So many noisy, sound, singing things. But he always loves wires, wrapping paper tube, remotes and shoes. Because... we didn't buy any of those things for him. So why not?  He loves pulling himself up on you, the couch, legs, whatever he can stick his little talon like fingers in to. So we had to lower his crib so he doesn't try to prison break outta that thing. He's getting so big. He loves to talk. Recently learned how to scream like a banshee. Not even when he's mad, but ALL the time. Gah, this kid kills me. I love him tho. He loves to eat. Everything. Still makes funny faces when you give him "real" food vs his pureed baby mush. Knows how to use his big boy sippy cup, even if he doesn't hold it himself yet. And... that's all I can think of. He's adorable. I love him to death. I can't imagine life without him. I have LOVED these last few weeks being able to be with him constantly. It's like maternity leave all over again but now he does stuff instead of just sleep and eat. I have the cutest kid ever.

And thats all I can think of for now. Loved talking to Maddie on Christmas Day. She's too cute. Sounds like a little sister missionary. I'm super excited for her to get home, especially since Chris is planning on leaving me for the summer to go work. I'll be lonely. Even tho Maddie's other half will be here, hopefully they'll let Logan and I tag along as a joint third wheel like we let Maddie do for our first year of marriage. And Mert is in Oregon awaiting to go to Brazil. Which is awesome. I still can't wrap my head around her being on a mission. I'm super jealous.  They're both having the best experiences and I love hearing about all the wonderful things they're doing. Can't wait til I'm old and I can go on one !!

Oh and I got called to Young Womens. Again. It's been a few weeks, so I'm beyond the shock of it all. I was so sad to be leaving the Relief Society and working with the wonderful women in the church. But I know callings are definitely inspired and I know even in these few short weeks, the women I'm working with are wonderful and we are going to do great. I have to stop reverting back to when i was in the presidency in NJ. It's different ! But it's so hard to not compare things, right? But it should be fun. Fun. fun. fun.

And.. thats all I can think of at this wonderful early 1am time. Yay for snow so husbands can go work. Yay for wonderful jobs that let you have vacations and spend precious time with family. Yay for this wonderful season that has come to a close, so we can remember our Savior and all He's done for us and how much He means in my life. And... here's to 2014. I don't really have... resolutions. Because I think I've only ever kept one in my whole life. But the obvious, I do want to get in better shape. I've been mentally psyching myself up for that one. And then work on some personal things with some character flaws I want to try to iron out. Hopefully we'll be expecting sometime in 2014 :] how fun ! Ah ! and scary. And we may not even be in WV this time next year. 2014 is going to be big changes for our little family and I can't wait !

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