Thursday, September 19, 2013

Almost Fall !

I guess it's been almost a month. About my time to update !

A lot has been going on, but not a lot. I know, I make so much sense.

We went to the temple for the first time since (I think) my 3rd trimester since a day trip wasn't recommended. It was so nice to go back. I miss it. Logan made the trip with us, and his awesome Tia Mikinzie and cousin something or other Kodi took care of him. It was the longest 2 hours. I kept thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong ! He was a HUGE pain on the ride back that took longer than expected. He was sick of the car and carseat. I was out of patience for the noise, crying, movies, cramped car, long day, etc. It really was the worse way to end such an amazing day. Dang you Satan!

Merts home ! Woo !

Chris is back at school. Busy. Doing good. He always has at least one class he's not sure about. Unfortunately, we don't have time to drop it, and really there aren't other options of when to take it, other professors etc. Yay being a senior... I updated his major's evaluation, and he only has 2 required classes for next semester, his two "senior/captone" classes. And if I added correctly only 1 more credit to have enough to graduate. Who's his rockstar advisor who made this happen...? Oh... ya know, just me. BAM ! So time for some suggestions on pointless fun easy GPA boosting electives. Ready... GO.

Life is pretty hectic. I wake up, usually in a hurry because I can't wake up to my alarm and get going if the baby is still sleeping. "Sleep when the baby sleeps" is ingrained in my brain. He's still sleeping through the night. SO BLESSED ! Last night, he was OUT by 9pm and then woke up talking to himself somewhere between 730/8am. I love. I love more listening to him talk to his little hippo mobile on the monitor.

That's another development. Since Utah, he was coo-ing and make little noises. But rarely and usually in response to you talking to him for forever. But now, he's talking. All. The. Time. In the carseat. Alone in his crib. Sitting in his rocker. He'll talk to anyone. Or no one. I love it. He's testing volume but it's so cute I don't care how loud his little noises are.

He has his 4 month check up. No shots because he had an ear infection ! I'm the worst mommy ever ! I had no idea. And the Doc asked if he was showing such and such symptoms, and I'm like well yeah... for Chris. He's always a darling peach for me. But we got him on some delicious bubblegum (I'm pretty sure) flavored Amoxicillin. Yum. He takes it like a champ. And to top it off, I'm waiting for teeth to pop through. They aren't bubbly yet, and he definitely won't let you check cause anything near his mouth gets clamped between the gums and gnawed on. So he likes to chew. On everything. He even has a chew toy courtesy of Miss Katie.

He loves going to Suzie's for baby sitting. They have fun together. Her husbands even toting him around. It's cute. She's even bought toys and chairs and play mats. He's spoiled. I love it. I love having someone who cares about him, and takes care of him and I can trust.

So 4 month stats: 16lbs 4oz, 25 1/2 inches long and ~60th  %tile all around. He's pretty above average :] But we all already knew that. He's awesome. So cute. Loves mommy. Gives daddy a hard time most afternoons when he's stuck at home with him. We figured it was because of the ear infection. But now after all the antibiotics he's still kinda cranky for Chris. Last night was I think 2ish (probably more) hours of crying until I got home. Poor Chris. He's such a good sport about it. He knows there isn't anything we can do to change the situation. I can't stay home with him. Obviously. Chris has to finish school. I'm hoping it's just a mommy phase. Or because he's teething and doesn't feel good he wants his mommy. I don't know.

K. Moving on. I love my baby.

I had my 27th bday. Gross. It was a regular weekend. I got too excited for it and then my expectations were... too high lol I did get a delicious bday lunch from my mother in law from Chilis. Yummy. Quesadilla Explosion Salad. YUM. And singers. And my husband got me some stuff from my pinterest wishlist (yes I have one) and he said the presents were lame "BUT THEY'RE ON YOUR WISHLIST!" Poor guy. I love them. I needed them. They are on my wishlist. So I'm 27. ::gag:: except I totally was so thankful that day, and even remember saying my morning prayers and thanking Heavenly Father for allowing me to be here for 27 years, good healthy years. Happy years. When so many people don't even get a fraction of that. And even if they do, I'm so blessed and happy in those years. A big thanks to all who helped make that weekend  wonderful. Especially for my bday dinner of Wendys & Coldstone. Oh yeah. Wendys. That wasn't even the right order. Go me.

Here are some pictures. I dont know what else to talk about :]

He's just so beautiful !
Photo credit: my awesome co worker Katie

Waiting for the bville parade. Getting so big !

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